What is a “100 day streak” on Snapchat?

100 day streakAfter Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat is the latest obsession. This fun messaging app that was introduced in 2011 is now being used by millions of people across the world. The fact that Snapchat stores photos and videos for only a limited period of time makes it all the more popular. Other than sending snaps and sharing stories, it also allows snapchatters to have fun while they are using the app — you can add special text, time and your geo-location to your snaps. There are so many features that make Snapchat interesting and addictive. However, snapchatters latest obsession is completing a 100 day streak.

Snapstreak‘ is one of the most trending hashtags on Twitter right now. Almost every other person is sharing their ‘100 day streak’ story. The question is – what is a 100 day streak on Snapchat?

A 100 day streak essentially means that you have sent a snap to a person for 100 days straight and they have reverted to each of your snap. Snapchat uses a fire sign to show that you have been conversing daily with a person using snapchat. The number next to the fire sign gives the number of days for which the conversation has gone on. For instance, if the number next to the fire sign says 53, it primarily means that you have been on a snap streak with that person for a consecutive 53 days. This number will keep on increasing with every passing day.

Once you complete a 100 day streak, a ‘100’ symbol will start appearing next to the fire sign. The appearance of this symbol means you have successfully completed a 100 day snap streak. A snap streak can very well be the beginning of an ever-lasting friendship. After all, if you have kept a snap streak going for 100 days with another snapchatter, it only means you two connect on some level and have something to say to each other ever day.

Similarly, a 100-day snap streak may well be the beginning of a new love story in your life. If you have been on a snap streak with a person for 100 straight days, it is quite likely that you are addicted to them by now. You have already developed the habit of sharing your best and worst moments with this person everyday and this habit is quite unlikely to change even after you complete a 100 day streak.

Snap streak is getting quite popular because it brings two people closer by making them connect with each other on a daily basis. It is also getting so much attention because a 100-day streak is not easy to complete. A 100 day streak requires a two-way conversation and commitment from both the sides. If you send a snap and the other person does not revert, the snap streak will break. Similarly, if between your busy schedule and draining routine, you forget to send a snap one day, the snap streak will crack and you will have to start all over again.

The truth is completing a 100 day streak is a feat in itself because there are not many people who have accomplished this difficult task. Completing a 100 day streak requires patience and commitment. It proves that you are someone who finishes the job they take, irrespective of however difficult it maybe.