17 Costume Ideas For Lazy Halloweeners Who Forgot To Plan Ahead, Again

Weird how this October 31 thing keeps happening.

1. Netflix and Chill:

It’s what you’d rather be doing, anyway.

2. Your Instagram profile:

Bonus Inception points if you post about it on Insta later.

3. A stick figure:

Kind of weirdly insidious, IMO.

4. A character from The Sims:

Fluency in Simlish not required.

5. A trusty ol’ hashtag:

Tell everyone it’s a form of cultural commentary on social media.

6. This…weird double face thing:

Again: lazy, yet somehow unsettling af…

7. This pretty funny spin on “Error 404:”

Truly a scary sight.

8. A self portrait:

~TFW being you is the best costume of all~

9. The poop emoji:

The shading in this example is actually p. impressive.

10. A utility bill

Now that’s some scary shit.

11. Wilson, from Cast Away.

Ugh you’re gonna have to explain this to anyone under 18, though.

12. The floor of a movie theater:

A fun way to stash extra candy over the night, actually.

13. Sadness, from Inside Out:

Plus, you can be in a bad mood all night, and people will just be like “wow so in character!!”

14. The Snapchat doggy filter:

Do it with a friend who’ll handle the flower crown.

15. Toilet paper? I guess?

Hey, when it’s 7 p.m. on October 31, you gotta do what you gotta do.

16. Your favorite memes:

Caption all your photos as “Mood:”

17. A cardboard box:

It’s not not creepy, I’ll give you that.


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/