60% of the time you’re an adult every time.

1. You now care about politics, but not, like, exclusively.

2. You’ve also gotten really good at winning arguments! Just not, uh, when they’re actually happening.

3. You’re totally ready for a positive pregnancy test! But this one, and only this one.

4. You wash your own clothes, but they’re often wrinkled for…reasons.

5. You know adults aren’t supposed to care so much about the tea, and you’re trying really, really, really hard.

6. You’ve started to care about your posture — part of the day.

7. People now ask you for advice, which is 100% adult™! Taking advice, though, is a different story.

8. You also eat well now! At least, you know, when you’re sober.

9. Ah, let’s cut the shit. You don’t eat all that great sober either.

10. And you, uh, do things like this.

11. Also — related — let’s not even talk about your bedtime rituals, m’kay?

12. And let’s really not talk about what you do under the covers.

13. You know obsessing over “likes” isn’t very adult, but sometimes you can’t resist giving your social media posts a little help.

14. Despite your steps toward full-fledged adult status, dating hasn’t changed too much since high school.

15. And you generally feel more comfortable around dogs than people.

16. In the end, while you resemble an adult, you feel a little too much like this:

17. But you know what? You’re actually doing just fine, and you’re totally going to be 100% adult™…just, you know, tomorrow.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/