A premature look at some of the highlights.

1. The roommate surprise.

Twitter: @AlecPloof

2. The hotdog fiasco.

Twitter: @alohaxkeks

3. The “vodka burrito”.

Twitter: @jodiekinzzz

4. The Get Out incident.

5. The happiest dog.

6. The “new whip”.

Twitter: @Sydnastyy15

7. The man bun inception.

8. The raccoon thief.

9. The “game changer”.

Twitter: @NikolasOmilana

10. The lima bean prank.

Twitter: @TRXCXV

11. The snapchat ghost.

12. This ridiculous discovery.

13. The baby miracle.

14. The booping dogs.

15. This awkward lake dip.

16. The two-month haircut.

17. The friendship test.

Twitter: @bethbxxxx

18. The most ridiculous pun.

19. And finally, the Bill Nye appearance.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/