Take note, Snapchatters. These people know just what they’re doing with a camera.

1. Whoever foresaw his future with the TSA.

2. Whoever solved this riddle with the only logical solution.

3. Whoever captured this moment of sexual bliss.

4. Whoever made this incredibly important arrival.

5. Whoever sent this sick burn.

6. Whoever was healed by good ol’ Abe.

7. Whoever was in the room with this friendly cat.

8. Whoever sent this wonderfully uplifting message.

9. Whoever sent this flawless pick-up line.

10. Whoever found this beautiful Snapchat version of Adele.

11. Whoever made this groundbreaking discovery about Frankie Muniz.

12. Whoever realized what Elf On The Shelf has been reallythinking all along.

13. Whoever mourned this poor white girl.

14. Whoever desperately wanted those nudes.

15. Whoever captured this dog’s wrenching heartache.

16. Whoever discovered that the trees don’t know your secrets.

17. Whoever wrote this book.

18. Whoever discovered that this innocent angel isn’t so innocent.

19. And Justin Bieber.


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/