For those of you who don’t know, a Snapchat streak is the number of days in a row that you and another person have mutually sent and opened at least one Snapchat.

While they are ~fun~ and all, they can strain any friendship or relationship. If you currently have one (or many) going, you know what I’m talking about. Here are some tweets that are SO relatable:
1. We all remember our first time.

2. The moment your heart drops.

3. Snapstreak anniversaries are more important than birthdays.

4. This important (but true) poll.

5. When you actually get a creative streak snap.

6. I don’t even understand.

7. Do it for the streak.

8. R.I.P.

9. Hitting milestone numbers is a big deal.

10. Moms on social media never disappoint.

11. You brought her into this world, so the least she could’ve done was keep up the streak!

12. Moms just love Snapchat, idk!

13. It’s a “sign of the times.”

14. He’s not…wrong…

15. I never really understood those.

16. Near, far, wherever you are…you MUST snap.

17. End of snapstreak means end of friendship. The end.

18. Remove all the fake from your life!

19. This.

20. Tfw you’re just SO DONE with snap streaks.

21. When you blew it and you know it was your fault.

22. And finally, an emotional rollercoaster in two parts.