How to add Snapchat to a live event

add Snapchat to a live eventSnapchat is the mobile app that has been making waves due to the way it operates which is like no other app available today. Like the name suggests, it’s all about the photos and videos which you caption after taking and sending them to your friends. Immediately one views the photo or video, it disappears into thin air, never to be seen again.

This has made it convenient for many people who don’t need to keep copies of hundreds of photos and videos they receive over time. This is especially true because these media takes up a lot of phone storage space if accumulated which happens a lot. It also serves as the best messaging app for people who are intensely private as no one can save any media sent via this site. To add to its already fabulous and unique features, Snapchat rolled out a new one that allows people to broadcast videos and photos of live events.

This feature is aptly named “Our Story” as many people in the same event can contribute to the said story. This makes it interesting because everyone has different angles and viewpoints which when combined makes for an interesting broadcast. It also allows people who couldn’t attend an event feel the magic through these random moments via the app. To be a part of such a phenomenon contribution of an event, here is how to add Snapchat to a Live Event:-

• For starters, you have to be a member of the Snapchat community and to achieve this; you have to register. Download the app for free on your app market and proceed to join.

• To contribute to a story, you have to be in attendance of the particular live event to participate. This is made possible by turning on the location settings on your mobile device, thus, this is the first order of the day.

• On your Snapchat settings, go to “Additional Services” to turn on the Filters. • Proceed to take a photo through the camera– the round button located on the main page.

• Click on “Stories” which is located at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a square with a plus sign on one of its top edges (right top).

• To share your photo with everyone, choose the option “Our Story” from the drop down menu that gives you the options of sharing the taken snap.

• The photo will be broadcast to everyone at the live event or following from their devices. This is combined along with every other photo from the event to make a story through Snapchat. To view, fellow app fans will see the compilation under the “Live” option.

Conclusion Adding Snapchat to a live event is fun, spontaneous and rewarding as it makes you an important contributor and a part of a community. You can do hilarious shots happening at the event while also including any other highlights to make it as fun as possible. Such contributions have made Snapchat a must have at live events as it has been bringing a lot of excitement with it. It also gives people who can’t attend the opportunity to see what it happening so that they don’t feel left out. Therefore, everyone should know how to add Snapchat to a live event!