Ask A Girl For Her SnapchatSo this girl seems pretty great, but how do you get to know her? Well Snapchat could be the answer! But this Instant Photo messaging smart phone app is so intimate and personal in the way that it lets you connect that asking a girl for her Snapchat handle can be as loaded and significant as a phone number. How do you go about asking? Here’s our guide to how to ask a girl for her Snapchat. You can pick the approach that best fits the situation, girl and your own personality and style from this list of ideas and adapt it to suit.

Approach 1 – The afterthought – Okay so the first thing to remember is that appear too eager can put her off. Don’t open a conversation with “Hey can I have your Snapchat?”. Talk to her about other stuff first; small talk is crucial and you can just slip in the Snapchat question as an afterthought.

Approach 2 – Snapchat Study time – If you share the same classes swap contact details so you can help each other with class work, you can include your Snapchat instead of an email address or more traditional means of communication, which may prompt her to give you her Snapchat details.

Approach 3 – Facebook Divert – Often Facebook is the first point of call when it comes to social media and meeting new people. Sparking up a conversation via Facebook instant messaging is easy but not very personal. After you have established a conversation you could tell her that you prefer to use Snapchat and ask her if she would mind moving the conversation to the app. There are several reasons you can give for swapping to the Snapchat app including:

  • You are getting tired of typing
  • Your Facebook application is playing up
  • You want to send her a photo and Snapchat is easier

Approach 4 – Snapchat Funny – If you receive a funny or interesting Snapchat while you are talking to her, make a point of showing her and get talking about the app in a positive way, and gently lead into asking her for her Snapchat details.

Things to Remember When asking a Girl for her Snapchat:

1. Don’t be pushy – If she doesn’t want to give you her Snapchat details today then no amount of pushing is going to persuade her, and even if it does it will not make a very good impression!

2. Know the App – Make sure that you know the app pretty well and have a play with the features before asking a girl you like for her details. Accidents and mistakes can be adorable or disastrous, don’t risk it!

3. Be direct – Put her details straight into the app. She will be more likely to give you correct details and you can make sure your get it right.

4. Final touch – A neat idea for sending that all important first snap is to take your first snap with her when she gives you the details and send it to her, maybe even add it to your Snapchat story so she can access it via your profile for 24 hours.