Ask a Girl to Prom by SnapChatSo your prom is coming up and you know exactly who you want to ask. But how do you do it? Face to face can be nerve wracking and Facebook and most IM conversations are too easily saved, forwarded and spread. Asking girl to prom by SnapChat could be the answer to your problem. The photos are only displayed for a few seconds on her phone and unless she’s lightening quickly with her screen captures you can ask her to the prom with limited fear of it being spread. With a little creativity and the right girl you could be setting yourself up for an awesome night at prom.

7 Steps to Asking girl to prom by SnapChat

1. Pick your time wisely – Although it can take time to work up the courage to ask her to prom if you leave it too late in the night she may not get it until the morning and you could spend all night panicking or she may not even remember receiving it! Also asking too close to prom could mean she has other plans, whereas asking too soon may seem over eager. Wait a little while and get flirty on SnapChat.

2. Get flirty – Once you get her SnapChat start of simple and slow. Get a little be cheeky or playful as you get to know each other better. Girls love cute and funny SnapChats so use a little creativity and charm to get your foot in the door.

3. Don’t dive in – Whilst a surprising and sudden sweeping approach to asking girl to prom by SnapChat might seem romantic and carefree at first a more considered and gradual approach is wise. Gauging the mood of the girl in question and her attitude towards you on a given night will certainly improve your chances of success. Take time to see how she is and have a conversation.

4. Consider paper! – Forget an impersonal line of typed text across the screen! Why not write out your question (make sure she can read it!) and take a photo of yourself with the paper.

5. Don’t take too many photos – Reviewing the crucial photo a million times will not make it look better, but it will make your feel self-conscious. Obviously you can retake the photo a few times, but after a certain number of do-overs accept that you are probably not going to get a much better photo.

6. Don’t be too aggressive – When asking girl to prom by SnapChat it can be easy to forget to check that you are not coming on too strong. Muscle photos and nudity may seem like a good idea but you are likely to scare her off! A gentle a considerate approach will get you further than a pushy aggressive approach.

7. Follow it up! – If she says yes be sure that you talk to her about it afterwards in person or over the phone. Make sure that you make plans otherwise she may think you have changed your mind. So there are a few tips and hints to asking girl to prom by SnapChat. The key is just be confident and be yourself. Good Luck!