How To Ask A Guy For His Snapchat

Ask A Guy For His SnapchatSo you’ve just had an amazing talk with a guy and you’d love to get to know him better. He’s smart and funny and you’d love to see pictures of his favorite action figure collection and you’d love to share goofy pictures of your dog. What do you do? Of course you ask for his Snapchat name.

Don’t know how to go about the asking? If you’re bold and straightforward about it, it’s not really that hard. Remember that you’re only trying to make a simple connection for now! Here is a step by step guide on

how to ask a guy for his Snapchat.

Step 1: Approach the guy confidently

If you don’t want to do this when he’s surrounded by his friends or in a group, you could always look for the moment when he’s alone and preferably in a quiet spot. Gather your wits, head in his direction and be confident about it. Remember that he’s just a person like you, and has his own insecurities just like you; no matter how much unapproachable he may seem to you. In most cases, if you’ve hit it off from the beginning, the guy will be happy to give you his Snapchat name.

Step 2: Be cool and direct about your purpose

Be cool and don’t pretend that you’ve actually accidentally come upon him and ask for his Snapchat name in a roundabout way. Some people may recommend that you pick up some excuse to go up to him, such as homework help. This could be useful if you’re feeling particularly timid, but it could also backfire on you if you end up asking only that and come away without his name on your Snapchat list. There is nothing better and more attractive than being direct. Confidently ask him for his Snapchat name, and he’ll most likely admire your chutzpah if you make it clear that you singled him out just for that purpose.

Step 3: Be casual

No matter how timid you are feeling you don’t have to be blunt and abrupt when you ask the question. Try and be clear and casual, and you’ll come out sounding smoother. Begin your sentence coolly, with something like a friendly ‘Hey, can you share your Snapchat name with me? I’d love to show you my dog, who we were talking about’. It’s as simple as that. At this point he may simply say ‘Sure’ and give you his contact, and then you can just say ‘Thanks’ and walk away. He may ask you why you want it, in which case, say something simple like, ‘I think you’re good fun’ or ‘I think you’re cool’ and that you’d love to see his action figure collection or whatever common interests you’ve spoken about before.

Step 4: What if he says no?

If he says no, then don’t fret. There may be plenty of reasons why he’s refused. It could be that he’d prefer talking on the phone before moving on to sharing pictures. After all, if he doesn’t know you that well, it can be awkward to immediately graduate to sharing pictures. Handle the refusal coolly. Say something like, ‘Sure, no worries, just thought I’d ask. I can understand it can seem a little awkward coming from someone you don’t know well enough. Maybe another time!’

Step 5: Use the contact wisely

If you do score his Snapchat contact, be sure to use it wisely and sparingly. Don’t bombard him with pictures of you, your friends, and your breakfast and so on. It’s a small step in your friendship, and wait for it to grow slowly without hurrying. Good luck!