How to block someone on Snapchat

block someone on SnapchatIf you’re looking for a fun and easy to use communication app, Snapchat is a perfect option for you. Swapping images, videos and messages is easier than ever with this app.

Though Snapchat is a lot of fun, there could be problems with other users. Some individuals may become overly persistent, trying to send you texts and images all the time. You have two ways to deal with such individuals – you can either block or delete them. Want to know how to block someone on Snapchat?

The process is easy, once you decide whether you want to completely block or just delete an individual from your list of contacts.

How to Block Someone on Snapchat S

tep 1: go to your contacts list in the app. Find the name of the person that you want to block.

Step 2: on the right side of the person’s username you, will notice a gear icon.

Step 3: by clicking on the gear icon a pop-up menu will appear. In addition to Block, you can choose among a few other options – Edit Name, Delete or Cancel.

Step 4: click the block option and this person will not be able to send you snaps or messages in the future. A Snapchat user, however, has the right to add you to their contact list, even if you’re not aware of such actions. If you don’t know the persons that added you or simply don’t want to share snaps with them, you can block that individual too. Keep your Snapchat history private by following a couple of very easy and efficient steps.

How to Block a User That Added You

Step 1: when you receive a notification for being added to someone’s contact list, select the Added Me option.

Step 2: go to your Added Me list and search for the person’s name.

Step 3: once you find this person’s name tap the gear icon that you will see appearing on the right side of the name.

Step 4: click the block option and stop this person from sending you snaps or viewing your history. Individuals that you have blocked don’t get a notification that they are already in your blocked list. They will understand you have blocked them by checking their contact list – your name will not appear there. Also, once you block someone, your activity will stop showing in the other person’s feed. Snapchat keeps history of all the individuals that you have blocked, which may be a really handy functionality for fixing mistakes.

The full list of people that you have blocked in Snapchat over time is available in your settings panel. It is a very useful tool, if you want to unblock some of your contacts or you have blocked some friend by mistake. To see the blocked contacts list press the gear icon – it is situated in the upper-right corner of your profile. You’ll get a dropdown menu. Go to Account Actions and choose Blocked. This way you’ll see a list of all the Snapchat users that you’ve blocked. By pressing the X sign, you immediately unblock those individuals, enabling them to send you texts and images once again.