What’s Boy Should Snapchat To A Girl

Boy Snapchat GirlSnapchat is a frequently used chatting app in this day and age. It’s convenient and easy for flirtatious encounters and the features of the application make it easy to keep your conversations 100% private. Women have it good when it comes to sending snaps, but guys have to work a little harder to get the right kind of attention. The major question is what boys should snapchat to a girl? Rather than sending people pictures of your new hairdo or your healthy lunch, try using these tips to up your game and get the right response when you’re snapchatting with girls:

1. Branch out.

Selfies are not all that big of a deal. One or two selfies is more than enough for a whole month, so don’t just keep sending new ones over and over to any girl unless you have something interesting to say with them such as a new lip ring or an injury. Instead, try sending her little details from your day. If she snaps you first to say wassup, take a quick pic of your current activity and let her in on your daily life a little bit. This is far more interesting to women than yet another selfie.

2. Shared interests are key.

Pay attention to whatever a girl snaps to you. If she talks about a certain type of food, a specific place, a hobby of hers, etc. then next time you are chatting with her try to relate to her. Imagine that she snaps you a pic of a lake she visited and tells you she loves the way the water looks; send her a related picture about something natural and beautiful to show her that you were paying attention. This means a lot more to a girl than you might think!

3. Avoid the dirty stuff.

Sure, a little “adult” content might sound fun sometimes, but it can lead to bad situations in the future if you’re not careful. Remember that others can take a screengrab of your image and use it however they want. Also, these kinds of images can really scare someone off if they’re not feeling the same vibes as you so make sure you start out light and fun until you know you can trust them and they are into it as well.

4. Be funny.

You don’t get many words to send along with your pic, so make the best of them. A witty title and a funny picture can make a great impression. Let her see your funny side, and she’ll be a lot easier to talk to in the future. Girls love a guy that can keep them laughing.

5. Don’t over-think it.

After you get her snap, you don’t have much time to think about what to say back. Don’t make the mistake of being way too serious. Relax and enjoy the conversation! Let it flow out instead of thinking for 30 minutes about what to send back her way.

6. Snap her first.

Don’t be shy, send her a message! Now, this doesn’t mean you should go overboard and text her 5 times a day before she responds to the first one, but put yourself out there a bit and initiate the conversation. Being bold can work out for your advantage, and you won’t have to sit there wishing she would send you a snap.

7. No duckface.

Unfortunately, there’s some sort of misconception that this is attractive. Nobody really likes the duckface, so save yourself the embarrassment and just go for a regular smile instead.

SUMMARY Snapchat can be a great way to flirt if you know how to use it right. Trust these tips to help you out if you’re nervous or unsure about chatting with a girl. Snap away with confidence and have fun!