How to change number of best friends on Snapchat

change best friends number on SnapchatSnapchat is a fun way to talk with you friends by sending them not only text messages, but also pictures and videos. But, for a beginner it may seem daunting with all those new features of this wonderful app. One of the features is the Best Friends list. This is a list of friends you talk to more than the others on your list of friends over a week.

How Does The Best Friends Feature Works?

Snapchat’s Best Friends feature, by counting the number of messages you have with each of your friends from your list, is able to form this super list of Best Friends. You can see only three of your best friends and this list is changing continuously from week to week, depending on those you snapchat the most in that week. If you want to see more friends on this list, you can change the default number to five or seven.

Where is the Best Friends List?

When you want to send a snap and go to your contacts list, you will find the Best Friends one on the top. This will cut from your sending time and make things easier for you because you won’t have to scroll through your contacts list until you find the friend you want to snapchat with.

Steps on How to Change Number of Best Friends on Snapchat

If you want more than three best friends, you can now easily change the number to five or seven.

1. Open the App

2. Tap the Red Square situated at the bottom of the screen

3. Tap the Gear Icon to open the Settings

4. Tap # of Best Friends

5. Select between 3, 5 and 7 number of friends

The Downside of the Best Friends List

Unfortunately, if you value your privacy, the best friends feature can become a problem because it posts this list on your public profile and, for now, you can’t make it disappear. If you go on your profile, you will notice, below your name and score, the Best Friends list. You will be able to see their usernames and each has gold stars attached to them. But you are not the only one that can see it. Everyone who views your profile will be able to see with whom you talked the most.

Are You Able To Delete the Best Friends Snapchat List?

Although you’re not able to delete the Best Friends list, you can chat with others from your list more than with your true friends and when the week goes by and the list updates, you will no longer see your real best friends on it.

Is Having More Than three Best Friends on Your List a Good Thing?

You saw how to change number of best friends on Snapchat but should you have more than three best friends? This list was made to help you snapchat faster, to find those you chat most without going through all your contacts list. If you have more than three best friends, you will make things harder on yourself, your best friends list resembling more and more your normal one. So, even though you now know how to change number of best friends on Snapchat, you should keep that number small, five is perfect, to make full use of it.