How To Change Snapchat Name?

Change Snapchat NameWant to change the name that your friends on Snapchat see? In the step by step guide below you can learn how. Snapchat will not allow you to change the username that you selected when you joined Snapchat. This is for security reasons and so if you want to change this name you need to delete your account and open a new Snapchat account. But you can change your “display name” which is the name that everyone else on Snapchat will see.

Step One: Log into Snapchat Before you can change your display username on Snapchat you must be logged into your account. Once you have logged into Snapchat click on the icon at the bottom right hand of the screen which has three horizontal lines and matching dots. Tap on the icon to open your “My Friends” screen.

Step Two: Find Your Name On the My Friends List You will now have been redirected to your “My Friends” list. On this page you will see that your own name is at the top of the list. You will notice that there are two names. The first of these is your display name. This is the name that will be seen by your other friends on Snapchat. Below this is your actual user name. You are not able to change your actual user name. If you want to change this second name you will need to delete your current account and open a new one.

Step Three: Bring Up the Gear Settings Icon Now hover your mouse icon over the display user name on your My Friends list. This will cause the “Gear Settings” icon to appear to the right of your user name. This gear settings icon looks like a small wheel. Now tap on the “Gear Settings” icon.

Step Four: Select Edit Your Display Name When you click the “Gear Settings” icon it will bring up a short menu in the middle of the screen. At the top of the menu you will be able to see your current display name. Below this will be “Best Friends” and “Edit Display Name“. You want to tap on the line labeled “Edit Display Name“.

Step Five: Enter The New Snapchat Name Now the “New Name” menu will appear. Here you should see an icon marked with an “i” next to the label “New Name For {current display name}“. Below this is a line where you will see your current display name. Click your mouse on this second line and then use your back space to remove your current display name.

Now enter the new display name that you want to use. After you have finished entering the new display name click on the “Save” button. If you decide that you don’t want to change your display name then click on “Cancel” button. If you have followed these steps correctly at the bottom of the screen you should see the message “Set the display name for {old username} to {new username}“. You will also be able to see at the top of “My Friends” screen that you have the new display user name. Now that you have successfully changed your display name the new name will appear in your friend’s lists.