How To Change The Timer On Snapchat?

Change Snapchat TimeSnapChat, possibly one of the most talked about and used application not only by students, but also adults! This apps promise is that any user can send and receive photos or videos- sounds like something any other social app can do right? WRONG! It comes with a catch, everything a user sends will only be limited for the receiver to view between 1 up to 10 seconds before it will be gone forever (unless the receiver uses a third-party application that saves such things). By default, the timer is set by 3 seconds, but do you know that there is a way to lessen it to just 1 second or make it as long as 10 seconds? Learn how to change the timer on SnapChat by reading more.

Steps on changing the SnapChat Timer for iOS and Android

1. Open the Application ‘SnapChat’.

2. Log-in to your account.

3. Take a video or a picture by pressing the button in the bottom center of the app.

4. Once you’ve taken a picture or a video, click the clock icon on the lower left (usually with the number 3).

5. After clicking the icon- a window will pop out from the bottom which there you can select the time for the image or the video to display (from 1 second to 10 seconds). You may test to see if you have successfully did this by sending one to your friend you are currently on-call with on Skype or possibly nearby. If the results were a success, then you are on your way to a much bigger possibility of social fun with friends and family.

Why you want to change the SnapChat Timer

Some things are better seen for just a blink of an eye, and some things are better seen longer to appreciate further don’t you agree? Thankfully that same principle also applies in SnapChat. Learning about this wonderful built-in feature in the application allows for a greater diversity and creativity with every photo or video sent to another person.

Send daring and surprising messages to them that they can only see for just a second- leaving them wanting more of that naughty little thing you just sent. Send them warm and thoughtful messages, images, and video that they can view longer- just enough to make them cry or make them want to reply with something to 1-up that heartfelt message you just sent. The possibilities are endless!

Other Features of SnapChat

Now that you know how to change the timer on SnapChat, it is time to talk about the other features that you may not have known that are conveniently built-in to the application. Did you know that you can add captions on both your photos and videos? Simply by clicking the ‘Tap to add Caption!’ text- the user will be given the ability to add a personal caption to each of their messages, pretty neat. Users can also doodle on their Snapchats by clicking the pencil icon on the upper right- allowing users to draw on their images in whichever way they like. What are you waiting for? go ahead and try for yourself! Snapchatting will never be the same again.