How To Delete A Saved Chat On Snapchat

Delete A Saved Chat On SnapchatA common question which is asked by Snapchat users is “Can I delete a saved chat on snapchat?” Well, a simple answer to this question is “yes, you can”. Snapchat does provide a way to delete saved chats. However, there is one potential complication which can sometimes arise when you are trying to delete a saved chat. We shall get to that complication shortly. First, let’s look at how to delete a saved chat.

Snapchat provides 4 simple steps which you can use to delete any chat. If the chat was saved, then it takes 5 steps. Here they are:

Step 1: Go to the Snapchat main page

The main page is where all your Snapchat conversations are shown. It is probably the first thing you’ll see when you open Snapchat.

Step 2: Open the settings

The settings button has a gear-shaped icon. It is found on the upper-right corner of your screen, immediately above the list of conversations. So, to open the settings: scroll to the top of your conversation list, and click on that gear-shaped button.

Step 3: Go To “Clear Conversations”

The settings page has a number of tabs. Find the tab called “Account actions”. Click on it, and it will display a number of options. Look for the option called “Clear Conversations”. This is what will take you to where you can delete the chats from. Select “Clear conversations”.

Step 4: Unlock the saved chat

When you click “Clear Conversations”, you will be taken to a page which lists all your chats. Each chat will have an X which is immediately to its right. Clicking on the X deletes the chat. The saved chats will look slightly different from the active chats. They will be highlighted. This shows that they have been locked. You cannot delete a locked chat. You have to unlock it first. Unlocking it is quite simple: just tap on it, and the highlight will disappear. It means that you can now delete it.

Step 5: Delete the chat

Once the saved chat is unlocked, you can delete it by clicking the X which is immediately to its right. This will make the chat disappear. You will have successfully deleted the saved chat. Unfortunately, there is one complication with deleting saved chats on Snapchat. The above steps only work if the chat was saved only on your side. If the person you were chatting with also saved the chat, then you cannot delete it without their consent. The chat will be locked from their end, so they have to unlock it before you can delete it.

In such a scenario, you have to communicate to the person (call, email, or chat them up) and ask them to unlock the chat from their device (using the first 4 of the above steps). Once they have unlocked the chat, they you can delete it. If they refuse to unlock it, then there is no way of directly deleting it. Perhaps contacting Snapchat support can provide a remedy. In a nutshell, the most correct answer to the question “Can I delete a saved chat on snapchat?” is “it depends on who saved the chat”.

If you are the only one who saved the chat, then you can delete it in the 5 steps outlined above. If the person you were chatting with also saved it, then you can only delete the chat if they agree to unlock it. If they refuse to unlock it, then there is no way of deleting the saved chat. Perhaps you can get a few ideas by contacting Snapchat support.