How To Delete People Off Of Snapchat That Have Added You?

Delete People Off Of SnapchatIf you are a fan of messaging apps, then you probably are already a member of Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, as well as Snapchat. The factor that sets Snapchat apart from the rest, of course, is the fact that once you have opened an image or video clip, it disappears from your phone in a matter of seconds — and the Snapchat server as well.

This means that, while most people use Snapchat to send fun pictures to their friends, there are others who use it to deliver pics and clips that are inappropriate.  Because the only people who can send you content are those with whom you have either requested or accepted as friends, it is important to manage your Friends list carefully.

That way you don’t end up getting unwanted content. Learning how to delete people off of Snapchat that have added you is easy. Open your Snapchat app, and open up your My Friends page, which is where all the people who have added you successfully appear. Tap on the name of the friend you want to delete.

When the gear pops up to the right of your friend’s name, tap it.  You’ll see three options pop up at this point: delete, block or edit name. If you’re wanting to delete your friend from your list, choose that option. Instantly, that person disappears from your list and can no longer send you content. If you are worried that your soon-to-be ex friend will start to harangue you with friend requests, you can block this person instead.

Now that this person is no longer on your list, you will no longer get any Snaps or access to Stories from him or her. This is important for two main reasons. First, one of the largest groups of people trading Snaps on this app is teenagers, and a lot of them are using it to send nude pictures to others. If you have a sense that this is likely to happen to you, it is important to get rid of that friend(s) as soon as possible.

Even though Snapchat promises that the images and clips will vanish from your phone after up to 10 seconds, as well as the Snapchat server, there are companies who can find those images lodged in the caches of Android phones. While they have to have a specific computer program to find the pics, if they can find them, so can law enforcement officials. Having those sorts of pictures of someone under 18, even if you are also under 18, can end up leaving you with the label “sex offender.”

Another reason to keep a vigilant eye on your Friends list is that you don’t want anyone seeing your Stories that might forward the images on to places where they don’t belong. The content that you post on Snapchat is public, at least to your Friends list, and just because your images will vanish quickly doesn’t keep recipients from taking pictures of them with another camera before they vanish. Managing your Friends list on Snapchat is a crucial part of keeping your online experience safe.