How To Delete Bestfriend On Snapchat

Delete Snapchat BestfriendWhen it comes to popular messaging apps, Snapchat is really taking off, particularly among teenagers and college students. With about 150 million messages going through each day, it is one of the most popular apps in the world. If you want to be able to send “Snaps” (pics or video clips) to your friends, you both need to have the Snapchat app, and you need to be each other’s friends. The app tracks the people to whom you send the most Snaps, and the three most frequent recipients on your Friends list become your “Best Friends. ” After a while, though, you might want to see new people in your Best Friends list, or you might have an argument with one of your Best Friends and get rid of them from Snapchat.

This article shows you how to do both. The first set of instructions tells you how to delete one of your best friends on Snapchat. Open the Snapchat app, and push that yellow button down in the lower right hand corner. Your Friends list will pop up, and your Best Friends appear on that list. Choose that friend’s name by tapping it. A gear will appear to the right, so push it. You will get three choices: Edit Name, Delete, or Block. If you just want to knock that friend off your list, hit Delete.

This will ensure that the two of you no longer trade contact, because you both have to appear on each other’s Friend lists for exchanges to take place. If you think this friend is likely to keep bothering you with unwanted friend requests, click Block.  This removes your former best friend and keeps him or her from contacting you anymore from that account. That friend could set up another account and send you a friend request, which means you will have to be vigilant about refusing friend requests from account names that you do not know.  But what if you just want a particular person out of your Best Friends list?

Remember that the app simply tracks the pics and clips that you send, assigning Best Friend status to the three most frequent recipients. While you can’t manually move a friend’s name from Best Friends to another point on the Friends list, you can send content to another person on your Friends list. If you have someone in mind whom you would like as a new Best Friend, simply send that person enough pics so that he or she passes your other friend and takes his or her place in that Best Friends slot.

One important thing to remember with Snapchat is that all of the content you send and receive can be preserved on the Internet. Researchers have found that Androids are preserving the pictures in their caches. Even though it takes special software to find those pictures, they are permanent. Also, send with care, because your recipient can take a picture of your content with another device before it disappears. Choose your friends (and your Best Friends) wisely!