How to delete Snapchat Messages

delete Snapchat MessagesSnapchat is a great app for keeping in touch with your friends and quickly sending pictures back and forth without junking up your phone memory or leaving behind evidence of your conversations. Although it’s convenient that messages and pictures are only saved to your device, deleting them isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. However, there easy steps you can follow to get rid of them.

Here’s how to delete Snapchat messages: 

1. Open up the main page of Snapchat where all your conversations are shown.

2. When you scroll to the top of your conversations list you will see a gear shaped button in the upper-right corner of the screen. This is the settings button. Click it.

3. On this screen you’ll find a tab that reads “Account Actions”. Look for the “clear conversations” option under this tab. When you’ve found this button, tap on it.

4. You will be taken to a page that shows all of your active conversations. Each conversation will have an X beside it on the right side. Clicking this X will clear all the messages in your conversation with that specific person. If you want to delete all your messages at once, there is an option in the top right corner labeled “clear all” which will delete all messages under every conversation.

These are the steps to deleting your messages, but there are some problems you may run into. If you follow these steps and still have messages listed, you may need to take additional steps:

1. This problem most commonly occurs when you have locked messages, either accidentally or on purpose. Open up the conversations which have messages you want to remove. If there are messages that are highlighted, this is an indication that they have been locked. You can unlock them by simply tapping on the message itself. When you do so it should remove the highlight, making the message removable again. Follow the above listed steps again to clear this message away.

2. Sometimes the problem comes because the other person you were chatting with locked a message. You won’t be able to delete messages that have been locked by the other person involved unless they unlock them. You may need to call or message that person and ask them to unlock these messages if you still intend to delete them. Once they have completed the unlock process you should be able to remove all unwanted content. If you and the other person both locked the same messages, you will both need to unlock them before they can be removed.

Unfortunately, when the other person is unwilling to unlock messages, you won’t be able to get rid of them on your screen either. SUMMARY When you’ve followed all the 4 main steps, you should be able to successfully remove your unwanted Snapchat messages in any saved conversations. Remember that if for some reason this does not work you may need to take additional steps to fix the problem and make your messages removable. The process is straightforward and effective, even if it seems a bit more complex than it should be.