How To Delete Snapchat Photos On iPhone?

Delete Snapchat Photos On iPhone

Delete Snapchat Photos On iPhoneSo, you’ve joined the latest app bandwagon and installed Snapchat on your iPhone. You’ve taken hilariously funny or seriously incriminating photos on your phone and shared it with your friends and non-friends alike. After all, what’s there to lose? Snapchat deletes the pictures after the set timer limit anyway.  It was fun while it lasted, but now you’ve grown tired of the app and want to get rid of move on.

Nevertheless, what happens to all your pictures? If you are feeling a bit paranoid, then you are probably wondering how to delete Snapchat photos on iPhone.  To make sure that you erase your Snapchat account completely and get rid of all the pictures, follow the points laid down below:

1. Uninstall Snapchat app

It is very simple to uninstall any app on the iPhone. Just hold on to the Snapchat icon for a few seconds and wait for the X’ icon to appear beside it. Click the X’ icon and confirm the uninstallation. The Snapchat app should be uninstalled from your iPhone in just a few seconds.

2. Delete your Snapchat account

To ensure that you’ve got rid of all your activity on Snapchat, you need to delete your Snapchat account. Deleting your account is a very easy affair: visit Snapchat account deletion page on their website, enter your username and password, and confirm the account deletion process. You might have to go through a few confirmation procedures before the account deletion is confirmed. Be warned that account deleted may take up to 48 hours to go through completely. Just stay relaxed for 2 days, and Snapchat will be history as far as you’re concerned.

3. Delete pictures on your iPhone

The main feature of Snapchat is that it only stores pictures temporarily on your phone, unless you explicitly save the photos on your device. No matter what the users try to do, Snapchat only shows the image for a few seconds before deleting it. However, some users can take a screenshot of the image and keep with them forever. However, Snapshot will warn you about such users whenever they take a screenshot. If you’ve already fallen trap to such people, then there is nothing you can do about those photos to delete them.

Other users might have also used a secondary camera or a phone to capture the image you’ve sent them; Snapchat doesn’t alert you of such behavior. Nevertheless, this is the risk everyone already knows about and they can do nothing about it. As far as your mobile phone is concerned, Snapchat gives you the option of saving the images you’ve captured through the app. Think through your Snapchat history and delete all the photos you have saved on your iPhone. Sometimes, you might still be paranoid about having Snapchat photos on your iPhone in spite of following all the steps described above.

To clear your mind completely of any such lingering doubt, you can hard reset your iPhone by formatting the memory and reinstalling the OS. To do so, take your iPhone to your nearest Apple Care center and get it serviced. Once you’ve wiped your memory completely, then you can be assured that you’d have deleted all Snapchat photos from your iPhone.