How To Downgrade Snapchat Update?

Downgrade Snapchat Update

Downgrade Snapchat UpdateSnapchat is a popular instant messaging service that allows users to send images that disappear after the recipient sees it. The app allows users to get creative with the images that they send especially since the images are only viewable for a limited length of time.

Snapchat is updated regularly by developers, although not all updates lead to desirable results. Some updates cause the app to slow down or crash which often leads users scrambling for ways to downgrade the app to older versions. Here’s how to do just that.

Reasons to Downgrade Snapchat Updates

Glitches, crashes and other problems that start showing up after you updated to the latest version of Snapchat could be caused by the recent update. Some users may find that they can no longer send video messages, prevented from using third party sharing apps, and experience frequent freezing and crashing. For some users, sending an image from the Camera Roll causes the app to crash.

For others, an update will prevent them from opening the app. Another common problem is missing icons after the app is installed. All these problems could render the app unusable and users may have no other option than to re install the app or revert the app back to an older version.

How to Downgrade Snapchat Update

Step 1: First off, you need to have a jailbroken phone in order to successfully revert to an older version of the app. Go to Manage, Sources, click on Edit, Add and type in Click on Add to add this source, and click Done.

Step 2: Under Sources, search for Repocydia,and search for Vshare-AppVV. Click to install.

Step 3: Open Vshare and to go Categories, and type Snapchat on the search box.

Step 4: Click on Snapchat and click on Download. Click on Filehost v. 4.03. Wait for 15 seconds after you click, and click Download again.

Step 5: Wait for the file to download and install.

Step 6: You will see a “Snapchat installed successfully” notification. You will know that the downgrade was successful because your new Snapchat icon will be the older version icon with the eyes and smiley face.

Step 7: Enjoy your downgraded Snapchat app!

Other Troubleshooting Tips

If downgrading the Snapchat app does not work, it is best to uninstall and re install the app to see if this fixes the problem. Glitches during the installation of new updates may have caused problems in the app, causing it to freeze or crash when in use. For some users, uninstalling and re installing the app helped fix the problem without the need to downgrade. You can also try removing extra tweaks and themes that are no longer in use to see if this can help lessen the freezing and crashing.

Snapchat is a fun and handy instant messaging app that is used by people of all ages. The bugs caused by recent fixes will affect how you can use the app, such as prevent you from using third party apps or cause the entire system to crash. If you have been experiencing problems like these, the steps outlined above will help you enjoy the older, bug-free version.