What does the Face with Sunglasses ( “cool emoji”) in Snapchat mean?

Face with SunglassesSnapchat, from its earlier iteration as a tool for sending sexts and other unsavory content, has now become a full-fledged social networking platform. It has finally come of age, drawing in millenials with its quirky photo-based messaging system (called as “Snaps” in the Snapchat vernacular).

But the app recently released an update that drastically changed the entirety of its social aspect altogether. In the past, the tool has a public “best friends” list, wherein you (as well as people who stumble upon your profile) can see the people that you sent the most Snaps to. This feature unknowingly exposed cheating men and destroyed unreciprocated “friendships.”

So, the friends list was eventually scrapped and changed by this emoji-based code that somehow ranks your friends on a hierarchical manner on the friendship scale. The best thing of all? They’re private- it’s only you who can see these emojis. The six emoji icons include a golden shiny heart, a grinning face, a smiley face icon with sunglasses on, another icon with a sly look on its face, your standard smiley, and a burning flame. Some of these icons sound self-explanatory, but what’s up with the little dude with sunglasses? Here’s a quick explanation of this icon’s meaning in the Snapchat scene:

What does the Face with Sunglasses ( “cool emoji”) in Snapchat mean?

1. No, it’s not a symbol for “cool” or “deal with it.” It’s actually quite more complicated with that.

2. The icon represents that you share best friends with that particular friend of yours who has this icon beside his/her name. In essence, you’re not best friends with him/her but you’re best friends with one of their best friends.

3. Sadly, this icon also means that you’re not the number one best friend of that sunglasses icon friend, nor any of his/her best friends. You just happen to be on their most Snapchatted list, but you’re not number one. You just happen to have the same person/people on your best friends list.

4. Should want to upgrade that person’s sunglasses icon into a more “higher” ranking emoji, simply send him/her more snaps.

But if you’re still confused on what the other emojis mean, here’s a quick rundown.

1. The golden heart is for your number one best friend– the person whom you sent the most Snaps to.

2. The grinning face indicates that you share a number one best friend with this other Snapchat user.

3. The sly, smirking smiley indicates that this particular person with this icon sends you a lot of Snaps, but you don’t send as much Snaps back to them. In other words, it’s an unreciprocated Snapchat “friendship.”

4. Your standard smiley face means that a person is on your best friend’s’ list– she’s just not in its number one spot.

5. The flame icon suggests that your Snapchatting habits with this person is on fire! You’re on a snapstreak with this person, which means that you’ve consistenly sent him/her Snaps for days. Snapchat will actually tell you the number of days that you’ve been on a Snapstreak with this particular person. There you have it. Hopefully this handy guide has given you an idea on what all those little icons on your Snapchat friends list mean.