How To Find Local Friends In Snapchat

Find Local Friends SnapchatSnapchat is currently one of the world’s largest social media mobile applications. Last year alone, more than a million new Snapchat apps were downloaded from Google’s Play store and the iPhone’s iTunes platform. Actually there’s something peculiar about this social app that has a way of getting one glued to their smartphone or tablet. Unlike many other chat apps in the market, Snapchat has the flexibility of Facebook sandwiched between the user-friendliness of something like Whatsapp. It gets even more exciting when you have tons of interesting friends on your Snapchat’s list.

However, it can be disappointing or rather boring to use the app if you haven’t got a lot of friends to talk to, share photos, ideas or even flirt with. Most of the time, you might be tempted to stick only to the buddies only in your original contacts list, but the app wasn’t designed to just act as a secondary messaging portal for family and close friends. With Snapchat, you have an ideal platform of growing your social circle, meeting fascinating boys or attractive girls and getting into newer relationships.

So if you feel like it’s time you came out of your social cocoon and met new local buddies then this is how to go about it;

a.) Make use of other third party social networking platforms.

If you have many local friends on Facebook, it’s possible to add them to your Snapchat’s friends list if they are already Snapchatters themselves. It’s common for most people to have close to over 500 Facebook friends, and out of this a good number will be local people whom you added unknowingly. Well, through Snapchat you can add those whom you fancy to your buddies’ list. Simply synchronize all our Facebook contacts to your primary contact list on your phone. After that, Launch your Snapchat app and selectively add those Facebook contacts you like via the ‘add friends’ icon. Simple as that.

b.)Learn how to use the ‘discover’ feature.

If you’re using the latest version of Snapchat, you might have noticed the new ‘Discover’ feature that that was recently integrated on the platform. It turns out that you can use this intuitive feature to find friends near you. Using it, you can generate a special Q-R code-like image that will direct new users to your Snapchat’s username, once they scan it using their devices’ cameras.You can then share this ‘Discover’ image on other social platforms or online chat groups to make it easier for other local snapchatters to find you.

c.) Using free “find local snapchatters” websites.

The world is increasingly becoming a global village. You can also find your local snapchatters through the internet through third-party websites intended to assist people connect better. A simple Google chat will reveal over 20 examples of such non-affiliated websites. Which one you decide to use is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, using any of these websites is easy enough. Simply login using your Snapchat username and go ahead to specify your location. The site will then generate for you a list of Snapchatters’ usernames within your locality for you to choose from. Although making new friends is exciting, it’s always advisable to exercise a little bit of caution when meeting strangers for the first time.