How to find Snapchat friends

find Snapchat friendsJust signed up to Snapchat and you don’t know where or how to find Snapchat friends? Statistics shows that there are thousands of people in Snapchat looking for others to Snapchat with. After installing this app, it extracts your contacts from your cell phone. All of these contacts are then sorted alphabetically. Basically, when you want to add a friend to Snapchat you click on the circle that appears next to their name. Again, if you happen to know your friend’s Snapchat username and he/she is not in your contacts, you can search for them in “My Friends”. Note that you can always receive snaps from strangers if you don’t customize your settings so that you can receive snaps only from your friends.

This messaging app allows friends to take, share and illustrate temporary photos and videos. It has been out for awhile but it was not until recently when it hit a serious pitch and everyone is trying to sign up. There’re over 30 million users and it’s becoming just as popular as Instagram. Since Snapchat doesn’t offer retweets, hashtags or stuff such as tagging your friends, it’s hard to get new followers. Here, we are going to unravel how you can get new followers in just few days.

Build Your “Portfolio” – Before you venture into this new platform, it’s good to peruse through the app first. Develop your own style and know exactly what you want to say before adding a lot of friends. You should have something substantial to tell and show your friends so that you can invite their friends to follow you.

Ask Your Friends To Scan Your Snapchat Screen – This function works very well for those searching for more friends. To do this, open Snapchat to the camera screen and click the ghost (found at the top of the screen) instead of taking a snap. This will lead you to a new screen that allows any user who hovers his/her Snapchat camera over your image to add you as friend automatically. This sounds complicated, right? You may think that this’s possible only if you meet new people in person and you both have your cell phones out. But, it can work even if you don’t know each other.

Transferring Your Facebook Friends To Snapchat – You can take a screen shot of your unique image and post it on Facebook and invite friends to follow you on Snapchat by just holding their mobile devices over the screen. This is possible for social media sites used on a desktop. This way, you’ll be able to invite most of your Facebook friends to follow you Snapchat.

Using Other Sites To Trigger Snapachat – You can post a very exciting activity you are undertaking on sites such as Instagram and Vine, then you ask your followers to follow you on Snapchat to see the rest of the parts of the activity you are undertaking.

Be Creative And Authentic – To perfom well in Snapachat, you need to have a strong personal touch in terms of creativity. Ensure that you post very interesting parts of your daily routine meaning that you may have to post random as well as singular events that will eventually create something like a story. Use videos and photos to make your style unique. It’s hard to post content that will go viral via Snapchat but with many friends, it’s easier and even better. Pull in your friends from Facebook, Vine, Twitter and Instagram to follow you on Snapchat. As your friends increase, you might even get a chance to get paid by featuring certain products in your account.