Flirt With A Girl On SnapchatSocial media is like alcohol for a couple of things. First, it never fails to spice things up a little. Second, it can be a means if you’re lacking that ‘kick’ you need to chat people up in real life. Such is the case of Snapchat, a photo messaging application that sends photos, texts, and videos that self-delete after a certain time limit. An application with just the right amount of fun, quirkiness, and spontaneity, it does not come as a surprise at all that it is now being used as a tool for the art of flirting. How so? In this article, you will learn all the basics on how to flirt with a girl on snapchat.

1. Be spontaneous, be random- if there is one adjective that can best describe Snapchat, it is randomness. Using the application is pretty much like talking except that now you have the chance to spice it up a little with quirky shots of things and witty liners. Use these to your advantage by sending your girl with snaps and telling them how they remind you of her. Snap a shot of your favorite character in that TV show you’re watching and amp it up with something like “Her golden hair reminds me of you” and you are sure to make her swoon. Remember, nothing flatters girls even more than making them feel and know that you think of them. She won’t really care if that snap you sent her is of a flower you saw on the hedge of your neighbor, pal. The fact that you just thought of her while staring at pretty things is enough to make her melt.

2. Be funny and witty– sweet is good but there is that boundary called ‘sappy’ that you shouldn’t cross. While we are all about making her feel special, showing her that you have sense of humor is a huge plus too. For example, the next time she asks you about what you’re doing, send her a snap of a stranger you happened to see on the street and say “Oh nothing special, but I did get plastic surgery!” Or you can also snap a shot of Dick Cheney with the text ‘Be careful, this is NSFW content right here.” Make her swoon and make her laugh and she’ll be yours to keep.

3. Make her know what you feel and want– Snapchat is a great tool for letting her know what you feel without being too blatant about it. You miss her? Snap a shot of your cup of mochaccino and say “Would love to snuggle while drinking these babies with you” or take a shot of two cinema tickets you bought in advance and say “So, care to be my chaperone?” It’s just like asking out in real life without the obligatory awkwardness and nervousness that comes with it.

4. Be careful– last rule in this short guide on how to flirt with a girl on snapchat is to be careful with the content you send. Despite the fact that snaps are self-deleting, the person you send them too still have the option to screenshot of them. So think for a second first before sending anything especially when it comes to adult content. Can I trust this person? Can my snaps be used against me? Remember, just like alcohol, it can also bite you in the behind pretty badly. So use it moderately.