Flirt With A Guy On SnapchatThanks to the various applications that technology has provided, you can now flirt with the guy of your dreams. One such application is snapchat which has proved to be a great tool especially when it comes to sharing photos. The best thing about snapchat is that the photos only last for 10 seconds before self-destructing. Here are some ideas on how to flirt with a guy on snapchat:

1. Send him naughty pictures or clever puns This is a great way to start off since you can send them to a guy without giving away too much. Moreover, this could give you nice indications about the person and how interested he is. If you cannot come up with your own, you can find them all over the internet. While most of these pictures may be self-explanatory, be creative and try to personalize your message so that it does not sound too generic and boring. Additionally, ensure that you craft it in a way that will always generate some response from him.

2. Use symbolic pictures Once you are used to one another, you can start sending him suggestive photos to hint your intentions. You could start with simple symbols like a heart, teddy bear or a kiss among others to express your feelings; then graduate to more complex photos. For example, if you want to go out for dinner you can have a photo his favorite restaurant then you could say, “How about a romantic dinner this weekend?” Alternatively, send him a photo of a great time that you had together and ask him about the next vacation.

3. Snap your surroundings It is always nice to snap something interesting around you and send it to him. In your caption always ensure that you make him feel that he has missed something nice or you would have wished to be with him. Take a photo of you bored on a couch and write “Wish you were here with me. Can’t wait any longer!” Alternatively, take a photo of you in bed and say, “wake me up.”

4. Surprise him with his own photo If it is someone that you know, send him a nice photo of himself then tell him something sexy or flattering about him. Tell him how much you miss him and how much he means to you.

5. Sexy photos always work From the onset, let us be clear that sexy is not necessarily nudity. There are several ways you can send him photos that are sexy and provocative but not nude. Nude photos may come back to haunt you since he can take a screenshot of the same or snap it using a camera. For example, you could have a slide show of some flirting photos which you could send bit by bit after every 30 minutes. This will keep him waiting for the next. You could also send him your photos in some sexy swim suits or clothes and ask him to help you choose what to wear. However, only start sending him once you are comfortable. All in all always ensure that that you engage him and leave him in suspense so that he is left longing for the next photo else you will lose his interest. In addition, always gauge his reactions and interest so that you don’t end up stalking someone with your photos.