How to get guys to Snapchat me

get guys to Snapchat meSnapchat, a photo messaging app that allows friends to take, share and illustrate temporary photos and videos has been getting the most attention in the past three years. However, since there are no hashtags, retweets or the ability to tag friends on snapchap, it becomes quite hard for a content to go viral or get a new guy to snapchat you. This article outlines several ways you can get guys to snapchat you.

1. Share your QR Snapchat code to websites and blogs

You should first take a screenshot of your QR code and share it on your personal blogs, website or anywhere else were there are many Snapchat users. To get the QR code, tap the ghost icon at the top of your camera screen to go to your profile screen and take a screen shot. Posting your QR code screenshot on bogs and websites where there are snapchat users will definitely get a few guys who will snapchat almost immediately.

2. Add your Snapchat name to your Instagram and twitter profiles

Adding your snapchat username when updating instagram and Twitter profiles can be an effective way to let guys know your Snapchat name. This should not be limited to twitter and Instagram. You can also add your snapchat name in Facebook, Pinterest,, Tumblr and other social media sites where you have a profile. If you have guys who follow you anywhere in the internet, add your Snapchat username or Screen name to your bio so that any interested person can snapchat you.

3. Use the social media platforms to tease your Snapchat activities.

This involves giving a preview of something exciting you are doing on Snapchat and then asking your followers to snapchat you to see how the story unfolds. Posting teasers to your twitter or Instagram followers is always a very successful way of upping your Snapchat count.

4. Tell guys to snapchat you

Although you may think that all of your friends have Snapchat, this is not always the case. You can tell your friends about this nifty messaging app and you will be the first person they add. If you keep them entertained with your stories, they will definitely stay hooked from the first day. You can also tell your friend to promote you because you share really amazing and funny stories. Guys can easily add you if you have your phone number turned on. Here is how you can set your phone number:

• Tap the gear on the upper right corner of the profile screen

• Click on the mobile number and type your mobile number in the provided space.

• Click on the box written allow friends to find me’ then click verify

• On the pop-up, choose your preferred option of receiving the verification code, either via SMS or phone call. An unknown number will send the verification code or call your phone with the code.

• Enter the verification code into the app then click continue.

5. Be creative on the videos, stories and photos you share

Just like the other social media sited, you should keep your followers entertained. Always remain authentic and creative to keep your friends hooked.