What is “GMS” on Snapchat

gms snapchatThough it’s still a fairly new app, Snapchat has become very popular rather quickly. This is because it’s mysterious, easy to use and totally hilarious. Its features bring convenience and fun into our lives. From the cryptic emojis to the replay features, nothing has come close to Snapchat in all those years. Unlike other apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, Snapchat uses simple features to convey a profound message.

One can send a photo or an emoji that will mean more than words. People who use the app regularly understand the hidden language and find it really enjoyable. This article will explain the meaning of one feature on snapchat, ‘gm streaks’.  GM in the online world especially social media apps basically means good morning. Streak is a snapchat feature that refers to two people sending snap shots to each other back and forth for a number of consecutive days. Usually, there is a number that appears right next to the person’s name to signify how many days you have been snap chatting so far.

The number increases as you continue and starts over when you miss a day. It’s important to note that a snap chat streak only applies if you send snap shots to each other not chatting only. If the other person does not respond, it’s also not considered a streak. That said, GM streak refers to a good morning image that two people have been sending to each other for several consecutive days every morning. Though there is a specific image that signifies good morning, it doesn’t have to be the one used. Any picture, be it a personal snap smiling, cup of tea or anything will do. The point is to do it in the morning every day and ensure the other person responds with something similar as well.

How to Get a GM Streak on Snapchat

The first step is to have that friend on Snapchat who you have to send pictures and chat with several times every day. This can be your best friend, sister or a significant other. Start by day one sending pictures of you, good morning emoji or something fun every morning to that person. It’s also important to add a good morning message if you get the time to do so. The person you send this snap to must reply in a similar manner at the same time.Do this repeatedly for several consecutive days without missing. After 5 days, you will start having a gm streak and a number next to your picture showing how many days you have been doing it.

Gm streaks can help you track how important someone is in your life. If you talk to them and send each other snaps every day, then the person must be very important. It’s also a fantastic way to ensure you talk to someone you love every day. It helps keep the commitment to communicate just so you won’t end the streak. Gm streaks and every other feature on snapchat are extremely fun and exciting for those inclined to indulge for some time.