What does the Grimacing Face (showing teeth) emoji in Snapchat mean?

Grimacing Face SnapchatAfter its initial release, the Snapchat app took the world by storm. Offering people the ability to keep up to date with their friends and family via text and the new emoji system (which replaced the previous ‘best friend’ feature); it’s plausible to consider the app groundbreaking when it comes to social interaction. But what exactly do emojis represent, in specific; what does the Grimacing Face (showing teeth) emoji in Snapchat mean?

How the Snapchat Emoji System Works

There are 6 emojis in total, and each of these provide information on how a user interacts with their friends. As people interact with each other, specific emojis will activate to demonstrate just how much they stay in touch. There are emojis for best friends, for the most frequent communicators and even an emoji that appears when two people talk day after day without taking a break!

The Grimacing Face Emoji

The Grimacing Face might look a little scary at first glance, but that’s probably because it’s supposed to represent a growling or snarling face. It appears for a single reason; and that’s to represent a friendship triangle. If you have a best friend that you speak with often via Snapchat, then the app will record how frequently you interact. If another person interacts with your best friend as much, or a little more than you do, then the Grimacing Face emoji will appear next to their name. The appearance of the Grimacing Face emoji next to another person’s name means that they are your closest friendship rival. It will only activate if you and another person also have the third person marked as your best friend. As it’s only possible to have one ‘number one friend’ on Snapchat, the appearance of a Grimacing Face symbolizes a bit of friendly competition.

How to Avoid the Grimacing Face Emoji

A bit of friendly competition can be fun, but there might be times when the Grimacing Face can do more harm than good. There’s a simple way to remove the Grimacing Face, and that’s to eliminate the ‘competitive aspect’. Snapchat base their emojis on a ranking system, and this system relies on records of the individual interactions between people. This means that the more that you talk to someone, the more likely Snapchat is to recognize you as best friends.

With that in mind, it stands to good reason that talking to someone more will increase the chances of Snapchat considering you best friends. This means that if you make a point of talking daily to a certain friend, or even several times throughout the day, then Snapchat will be more likely to consider you both best friends (as long as your friend responds as often as you do). If the records indicate that the two of you speak far more often than anyone else, then the Grimacing Face will either disappear, or not show up in the first place. Interacting with friends is supposed to be fun, and keeping in touch via Snapchat is one of the best ways to do this.

The app is easy to navigate and the emoji system really provides an enjoyable take on the social scene. As the emojis have to be earned, things can be even more exciting as friends try to achieve specific emojis together, which makes for even more interesting conversations.