unlock a permanently locked Snapchat accountWith millions of people accessing Snapchat every day, Snapchat has continued to garner popularity across the world. The youth, especially, enjoy logging in to post snaps or view snaps from their favorite celebrity, friend or a crush. No one would like to miss out on what is trending all over social media. Therefore, imagine the disappointment one gets when they are notified that their Snapchat account has been blocked. The thought alone is pure agony!

Reasons for the Blocking of a Snapchat Account

However, the good news is that there are ways to fix that problem and avoid missing out the fun. Before we look into the ways of correct this problem, it is important to understand the reasons why someone’s Snapchat account could be permanently blocked. Most of the reasons are because of violating the terms and conditions of said application which one agreed to while setting up an account.

First of all, an account could be blocked for using third party applications which are unauthorized by Snapchat. Applications such as Snapchat tweaks have features that allow one to save media thus violating the terms and conditions of Snapchat. When one installs these applications or plugins, Snapchat will send a warning stating that the user risks having their account blocked because using such applications is prohibited.

Secondly, a Snapchat user might be permanently blocked out from using their account if they post unsolicited snaps or messages which generally contain abusive behavior. Snapchat would like to provide a safe environment where people feel free to interact with each other without fear. As a result, people who threaten that peace will have their accounts blocked for violating the policies.

How to unblock your Snapchat account

As stated earlier, it is no one’s wish to be blocked out of the fun of Snapchat. Therefore, the following ways should be used when you need to unblock your account. Follow the step by step procedure if you had installed plugins or third party applications.

1. Check if you have any unauthorized third party applications. If any uninstall the applications before trying to log out. Prior uninstallation of these applications, an error message will be displayed and one will still not be able to access their Snapchat account.

2. Uninstall the Snapchat application from your device then switch off your phone for some time.

3. Restart your phone then try to download the latest version of Snapchat available from your phone’s respective application store.

If the first method did not work or the reason why your Snapchat account was blocked was one other than the third party application, try the following steps;

1. Open the link https://www.snapchat.com/unblock. A set of instructions has been provided for on the site. Follow the instructions carefully filling your details which have been asked for.

2. Click on the yellow “Unblock Button” and wait for a response from Snapchat.

3. Snapchat will send you a new password with which you will be able to access your account. Try logging into your Snapchat account using the new password provided to you.

It is advisable that one should change that password into a new password of their own choice for security reasons. In Conclusion, be sure to read the terms and conditions of Snapchat to avoid being blocked.