How to know if someone is following me on Snapchat

know someone follow SnapchatSnapchat is a mobile messaging application that is used to share photos, text, videos, and drawings. The app is available on a free download and thus free to send content using it. It has gained enormous popularity in a very short space of time, in particular among the youth.

If someone asked you how many Snapchat followers you have acquired over a given time, could you give an accurate answer? Probably not!! This is because Snapchat hides your followers and replaces them with a score. The app users need to know when the people following them or when someone starts following them. However there is no clear way to determine this. Well, several hacks can be useful, and here is the guide.

1. The Snapchat Score

One of the best ways to determine whether anyone is your follower is by viewing their Snapchat profile and see whether you can successfuly browse over their Snapchat score. (Snapchat score is a special equation that combines the number of Snaps you have send and received, all the stories you have posted and other factors.). Here is how to unveil the Snapchat score.

– Open the Snachat app and drag the ghost down from the top of the screen. (You shall see your Snapcode)

– Next, tap the name of your friends.

– The username and Snapcode of your friends will pop up.

– If you are able to see their Snapchat score under their name, that person is following you.

2. Added Me List

Snapchat has updated parts of its UX, and there is now a way to check who has followed you. You can check out the Added Me List. When you tap the “Added Me” icon, it will generate a list of all the people who have added you on their Snapchat, and subsequently, know those who are following your Snaps and Stories. However, you need to know that this feature does not list everyone who added you.

Note that in case you happen to add someone back, their name will disappear from the list, as they are moved to your “My Friend” list. You can count the total number of followers on this list and equally all people on the “Added Me” list, and thus get a rough number of how many people follow you on Snapchat.

3. Using send Snaps Following someone on Snapchat enables you to send them Snaps. If these Snaps appear as pending, this means they have not added you back. When a person adds you on Snapchat, their profile shall be highlighted on the “Added Me”. When you make a tap on the “Added Me” feature, you shall see their username and equally the method they used to add you.

As Snapchat app gets more popular among the young generation, almost all users would need to understand who follows them. There is a general feeling that few updates shall be coming up to allow those who use Snapchat know who has followed them, unfollowed them or deleted you. Individual users shall thus know if their profile is private or public and have a view on the accounts following them.