How to use Snapchat on Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia SnapchatSnapChat is one of the most popular mobile photo sharing apps currently available. It is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. However, it is notably missing from the Windows Phone store. Although there isn’t an official app for SnapChat on Windows Phone, I will now show you how to use snapchat on Nokia Lumia phones, and other windows phones. Just because you have chosen to use a windows phone, doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the fun of Snapchat.

Step 1 – Choosing an App

Although there isn’t an official snapchat client for Windows Phone, there are several second party apps. These are written by other developers to be compatible with the snapchat system. It looks very unlikely that there will ever be an official Snapchat client for Windows. There are several different third party apps which can work very well. There are some free versions such as 6snap which work on older versions of Windows Phone.

However, you may struggle to use this if you have Windows Phone 7.8 or higher. For this there are some paid versions which work very well. Most paid versions typically cost under $1. All of the apps work slightly differently and some will have limitations which affect how useful they are. Make sure you choose the best app for your needs. When choosing nokia Lumia snapchat apps, make sure you read some reviews. You will want to choose a reliable and well known app which won’t steal your details, and will also be easy to use.

Step 2 – Downloading the App and installing it

Once you have chosen the app you want to use, it’s then time to install it. Most of the apps are available on the official Windows Phone store which will make this step very easy. Simply search for the app you want to use and then click the links to purchase and download the software to your phone.

Step 3 – Registering an Account

If you already have a snapchat account then you can skip this step. Otherwise you will need to register for a free snapchat account. This can be done in some third party apps, but if not you will need to use another persons phone to register. This can be done by entering your email address, choosing a password, and then entering a user name. Once you have done this you can then log into Snapchat by using your chosen app on Windows Phone.

Step 4 – Using Snapchat

As soon as you are signed into the Snapchat app on Windows phone you can begin using it straight away. Each of the apps work slightly differently but most are very easy to use. They work in a very similar way to the official apps available for other platforms. Photos and videos can either be captured from within the app, or alternatively you can select existing videos and photos to share. Hopefully this guide has shown you some very simple ways of how to use snapchat on Nokia lumia phones, and other devices running on Windows Phone.