What is “GM Streaks” on Snapchat

GM StreaksSnapchat is one of the social media apps with large followers today. Although it is fairly young as compared to Facebook and Twitter, it has claimed a fair share of the market. One thing that makes Snapchat stand out among other apps is its unique features. Unlike Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat offers its users an effective way of communicating through videos, emoticons and snapshots that speak more than words. Those who enjoy using Snapchat know the secret of the features and the communication they create. Let’s tell you what’s GM Streaks.

All social media apps have either abbreviations, memes, emojis, or other features that distinguish them from the rest. One such feature is the GM streaks on Snapchat. In the social media world, the term GM is generally used to mean good morning. A streak on Snapchat means a continuous process of two people sending snapshots to each other. Therefore, GM streak on Snapchat means two people sending each other Good Morning snapshots for a continuous period of days.

Anyone can obtain a gm streaks as long as they send snapshots to someone and that someone replies with similar snapshots for several consecutive days. The snapshots should be sent back and forth for a continuous period of at least five days before the GM streak appears. The GM streak is usually accompanied by a number attached to the profile of the person to whom you send the snapshots. This number indicates the number of days you have been sending good morning messages to each other. Usually, the countdown starts over if either party misses sending a good morning message. The good news is that the GM streak will remain as soon as you both resume sending the good morning snapshots.

It is important to note that the GM streak will only show up if you send snapshots to each other and not just chats. It is also paramount for the other individual to reply with a snapshot for at least five consecutive days before the GM streak appears. Once you have the Streak visible, it will stay in place until either one of you miss to send each other a good morning snapshot.

Although there is a specific picture used to mean good morning, to get a Gm streak you don’t have to use it. You could use a snap of anything else, say a personal snap of you smiling, your favorite pet, a cup of coffee or anything. The most important thing is to do it every morning and your partner to reply at the same time. The purpose of the GM streak is to keep people in touch. It shows how much two people care about each other. The number days there are on your GM streak shows how you are committed to your relationship with the other person. It can be used by brothers, lovers or married partners who live in separate locations to keep check of their relationships.

How to Get a GM Streak on Snapchat

-The first step is to have a Snapchat app, a Snapchat account and a friend you truly care about.
-Start sending a good morning snapshot to them every morning and make sure they care about you enough to reply with a similar snapshot.
– Attach some text messages to the snapshots.
– Do this for five consecutive days and a Gm streaks will appear with a number attached to it to signify the number of days you have been doing this. Keep the number growing by continuing the process on a daily basis.

The Importance Of GM streak

-The gm streak can be used to strengthen a relationship between family members.
– The GM streak can be used to keep partners in long-distance relationships in check and keep the commitment to each other.
– The gm Streak is used to show how much love is between friends.
-The gm streak could just be a sign of friendship bond that means no matter what happens we still care about each other.

Just like the other social media apps, Snapchat has a way of ensuring that friends remember about each other. The gm streak is such a good way for those who enjoy social media to keep a true friendship alive. All the members put in the effort to avoid losing the gm streak count.