People Can’t Stop Trolling These Guys For Saying Snapchat Filters Create A “Facade” For Women

“My boyfriend was so sad when he met me in person and I didn’t have the dog filter on.”

Last month, four men from Birmingham, Alabama, who cohost a podcast, tweeted a curious and rhetorical question asking women if they “know these Snapchat filters create a facade on how you really look in person?”

They implied that women β€” who exclusively use Snapchat, apparently β€” are creating false images of themselves when they take and share selfies using a filter.
The guys from The Barbershop Podcast told BuzzFeed News that 28-year-old Matt was the one who actually authored the tweet.

Well, women immediately and collectively clutched their pearls. Like, “What?! You mean to tell me…”

They had no idea. Many were perplexed by the notion that their filters don’t accurately represent what they look like IRL.

It compelled a lot of women to apologize. “Sorry I misled you to believe I have cat ears and a pink nose.”

“Sorry to let you down. I don’t really have a glowing pink flower headband in real life.”

“Sorry for making people think I’m a chili pepper.” πŸ™

And it prompted a lot of empathy for men who were hoping to date the exact woman depicted in the snap.

One man finally felt that his voice had been heard. “When you meet shorty for the first time and she don’t got fuckin’ bunny ears,” he responded with angry emojis.

However β€” in complete honesty β€” some people really did think Matt’s tweet spoke truth. “Most [women] won’t even post unless it’s with a filter,” one person added.

“They think it’s sexy to look like a dog or have fake flowers around their head. Baffles me.”

Some even called it “catfishing.”

Throughout the month, and even through this week, people could not stop giving their input.

“We didn’t intend for it to get as much attention as it has,” Barbershop boys Matt, Robert, 29, Schuyler, 30, and Chris, 29, told BuzzFeed News. Although they admit they anticipated a bit of backlash.

When asked how they feel about it all now, they responded: “We could’ve used better wording.”

Though the four men say a lot of the responses have made them laugh out out. “These people are funny,” they added.