How to recover an expired Snapchat story video

recover expired Snapchat story videoSnapchat is an emerging messaging mobile app that is used for drawings, videos, photos and text sharing. The application is already turning heads in the apps world as more and more young people turn to it because of one of its features that involve deletion of the message sent after being viewed.

A SnapChat process goes like this; you take a video using your phone, select the people in your phone book contacts you want to see it, and choose the time the message will be displayed on their phone(Less than 10 Seconds). When the recipient views the video, it will be deleted from his phone once the time you set expires.  Though the company has insisted time and time again that the files are usually permanently deleted, there are loopholes in their app development.

Let me explain, when you send one photo through Snapchat, the photo will be deleted once the other person views it. The glitch in the Snapchat’s application development is that if you are sent a couple of videos, let’s say 2, and you view just one; the app won’t delete the first video you viewed, it will wait for you to view all the videos so that it delete’s them.

Recovery of the first video can be done through video capture screen apps, but hey how many people watch one video and leave the other unopened, and how many people send multiple videos at once. It goes against human nature. Most deleted files are not wiped from the memory of a device but are put on hold till the space is taken up by new data. This is where the recovery Software comes in. Let us explore on How to recover an expired Snapchat story videos, methods for both the iPhone and Android Recovery using iPhone One of the iPhone’s folder browsers known as ifile, stores Snapchat history may it be videos, photos or messages.

The Snapchat’s history is stored in a folder- though you have to dig around a bit as the folders, as they are contained in are oddly named folder. This is the procedure for recovering a Snapchat video from an iPhone

• Download and install ifile.

• Open the application folder • Search for video formats, MOV, mp4, AVSEQ AVI and such.

• Open them one by one till you find the video that you want.

• For videos that the iPhone sent or, were stored to be sent on the iPhone

• Open the application folder on the ifile

• Search for two files named ‘output’ and ‘filtered’. The output file will contain the sent on Snapchat videos while the filtered will contain the videos that were recorded on that particular iPhone but were never sent. Let us explore on How to recover an expired Snapchat story videos methods for both the iPhone and Android

Recovery using Android

On the Android, the expired files are stored in a .nomedia extension and can be easily retrieved using an app. The following are apps, and procedures to follow for video recovery on snap chat.


This is an Android app that recovers and saves files that have been deleted accidentally. It is ideal for retrieving videos. First off, you have to install the app, run it, and you will see an option for file recovery. After recovery, the videos can be saved and played by your phone’s player

Jihosoft Phone Recovery

This software is easy to use, all you have to do is install it, connect your Android phone to the computer, scan the phone using the app and it will recover and save the Snapchat deleted videos.