How to remove a caption from Snapchat photo

remove a caption from Snapchat photoWhether we like it or not, smartphones and texting have become an everyday reality for most of us in the modern world. With hundreds of popular apps doing their thing on our phones, few have achieved the popularity of Snapchat, the famous chatting app that allows you to send temporary or permanent images and videos with captions to your friends or general public.  And while Snapchat is very fun to use and have some fun sending funny and sometimes even provocative pictures to your friends or potential partners, the captions covering the images can sometimes be annoying.

After all, you might just want to have the picture your new date sent you on your phone, caption free.  This is why we set out to find out and elaborate as to how you can remove the captions from Snapchats and leave yourself with completely clean original images.

There are basically two ways to remove captions from Snapchats and here they are.


If you are looking for a really simple solution and have no time or any Photoshop skills, purchasing the Snapp app from the Apple Store may be the easiest way for you to go. While the Snappp Pro does cost $4.99, the app seems to do a pretty good job of its sole purpose, removing Snapchat captions from images.

Do It Yourself

Now, if you don’t want to pay for it, the Snapp simply does not work for you or you are looking for a bit of a challenge, there is of course a method of removing the captions yourself. This method will require you to have a version of Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer. Here is how to do it: – Load up the image you want to edit in your


– Select the caption with the rectangular marquee.

– Add a new layer by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N.

– Click Edit and make your new layer white. Now right click your new layer and select Overlay.

– Resize your new layer to the exact size of the caption.

– Duplicate your layer and use the Opacity setting to bring your new layer make the new layer as close as possible to the original caption.

– Merge your two new layers into a group by pressing Ctrl+G to make a new group and then drag both layers into the new group folder.

– Use the Spot Healing Tool to gradually go along the lines and “merge” them with the background.

– Use Healing Brush Tool if the spot healing tool is not sufficient.

– You will have to go inch by inch and gradually merge the edges to look as close as your background image.

– Use the magic wand tool to select the words and click Modify/Expand, click ok. Now click Edit/Fill and select content aware. This will fill your selection with fill that will resemble the background to the best possible degree.

– Remove any leftovers from the words.

– Keep using the Spot Healing Tool and the Healing Brush Tool until your image is completely caption free. We hope this guide helped you out in learning how to remove the annoying captions from Snapchat images and we hope you have some fun removing those captions. Enjoy it.