How to replay a video on Snapchat

replay a video on SnapchatSnapchat is an amazing way to keep in touch with those people in your life by sending a quick/picture of video with a caption. Sometimes Snapchat videos can be so hilarious or interesting, that you want to watch them again. Many people think you cannot watch a Snapchat video more than once but this isn’t true, you just have to use your choice wisely. It is completely possible to do this and I will be teaching you how to replay a video on Snapchat. Follow these steps precisely and you should find it really easy to replay a video on Snapchat. How to replay a video on Snapchat

– First make sure that you have Snapchat updated to the latest version possible (6.1 or later.) This will enable the “replay” function on your phone or device to work correctly. You can update Snapchat in the app store easily and should check regularly to see if an update is available.

– Start up Snapchat like you usually would and swipe the screen from the left so that you get to your inbox where the snaps you have been sent are located. Usually snaps that you haven’t viewed yet will be highlighted pink, whereas ones that you have seen will be white.

– Open up your settings menu by clicking the little circular icon that looks like a gearbox located on the top right hand corner of your screen, this should bring up a menu.

– Under “Additional Services” you will see “Manage“, so click on this and the new features that you can use in Snapchat will be brought up. – You should see the word “Replay” on the list, enable this feature by tapping the toggle switch.

– Go back to your inbox, where you should have a list of previous pictures and videos that you have been sent by your Snapchat friends. Keep in mind you can only replay something that has been personally sent to you.

– View the snap that you want to replay by clicking on it, pressing and holding for videos to watch them all the way through.

– After you have watched it, go back to the message and try to open it again. A pop up will then appear confirming that you want to replay the snap, to which you press “Replay“. This should work (providing that you haven’t replayed any other snaps today and the clip should play again for you.)


Now that you know how to replay a video on Snapchat, you can do so successfully. As you can see it’s really easy to do but there are some things that you need to realize. Keep in mind that at the moment, the app only allows you to replay one snap a day, so make sure that you use it wisely! You can also only replay one single video once, this is unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for some people) something that Snapchat is well known for. Usually when something is online, it stays online for the whole world to see but this is not true for this app.