How to save videos from Snapchat Memories

save Snapchat Memories videosFor a long time, SnapChat has sought to keep its youthful following while at the same time pulling in the aging demographic. SnapChat memories for one is a cool feature that allows users across the board to save videos, snaps and stories and view them indefinitely on a roll. It is simple to save these memories in whatever form from a smartphone, and the process requires very little in the way of expertise. Those running on older versions of the App will require an upgrade in order to be able to enjoy some of these new features on the fly.

Here is a look at How to save videos from SnapChat Memories Initially, when you took a video, it was automatically added to the gallery and all you had to do was flip on to the App and roll. However, the Memories functionality has changed things in a major way.

Here is how to go about it:

Open the App and go to the Memories section

Flipping over to the memories section in your App is easy as all you have to do is simply log on to your account. Your videos will most of the times will pop up in a reverse chronological order, and all you need is find the video of choice by moving down the list. This takes anything from a few seconds to a minute depending of course on the number of clips you have on your device.

Finding a video is easy; all SnapChat videos are essentially stored in a circle so it is easy to differentiate them from all other forms of media. Choosing preferred clips only takes tapping on the ‘select’ option and moving through the panel adding whatever you need from the list. You can also deselect the clips you might have accidentally clicked upon.

Check live previews

Most of time, you do not have to flip through dozens of clips in order to get what you need. This is especially important because most people simply have too many videos and not many of them are committed to memory. In this case, you will need to simply preview what is available in your gallery. The icons in this case are correctly itemized and you will be able to view minimized bits of the clips you are looking to save. This system runs down the screen, giving you as much at a glance as you would need to.

Saving the Clips

After you have selected all the clips you need, go ahead and look at the options available. You can add them to ‘My Story’. You can also hit the ‘Save’ button. In addition to that, there is always the chance to share them out to friends. In this case you are simply looking to save your media. The option to save video from memories on SnapChat gives the user some sense of control and permanence when it comes to managing their files. It is also a nice way of allowing users roll back the time in a large number of ways.