What does the Smirking Face (flirting or sexual face emoji) mean in Snapchat?

smirk emoji

smirk emojiIf you thought the new Snapchat Emojis were about to make your life better, think again. The Smirking Face Emoji (also referred to as the Sexual Face or the Flirting Face Emoji)has been specially designed to create social awkwardness.

So what does it really mean? The smirk face next to a contact means that you are the particular contact’s Best Friend. However he or she is not your Best Friend.

Oops. The cat is out of the bag. It is a one way love street.

Let us see what this means? You meet someone who takes a instant liking to you. This person then starts to send you snaps. However you do not send back as many snaps to him or her. As a result you become that person’s best friend. He or she however is not your best friend.

Unrequited love, Snapchat stalker or just a friend who got accidentally ignored – only you will be able to tell what that particular contact is to you.

But look at the social embarrassment it can create. Suppose someone thinks that you two are pretty close BFF actually only to find out through the Snapchat Emoji that you do not think so highly of her.

With the Snapchat Emojis, there is no way you can hide how close you are to someone else. And the cruelest, most in your face Emoji is the Smirking Face. This can indeed cause some serious complications, especially if it appears between couples. Imagine the girlfriend realizing that her name is appearing with a Smirking Face Emoji on her boyfriend’s Snapchat!

Now to answer the question – Why is the Smirking Face Emoji also called the Sexual Face or Flirting Face Emoji?

The answer will be obvious to you if you think about it for a little bit. Suppose someone is sexually attracted to you and wants to flirt with you using Snapchat, what does he or she do? Send you many pictures and send them often, right? However you are not reciprocating with as much ardor. Otherwise you would have been best friends by now.

Many of you reading this would have already figured out a way of using the Smirking Face Snapchat Emoticon. Yes, an easy way of measuring how popular (or insanely hot) you really are would be to count the number of Smirking Face Emojis in your contacts list. If you have many, it means that many people consider you their best friend and are sending you the maximum number of snaps.

This could, of course, lead to some healthy competition among friends or even rivals.

However, too many Smirk Faced Emojis also declare a not very positive side of your personality. Though so many people are close friends to you, you are not friends to anybody. Not really a good situation to be in,

So, now that you know the significance of the Smirking Face Snapchat Emoji, beware. Remember that lays within it the potential for great social conflict and revelations.

However, before ending, one little bit of advice. Do not take the Smirking Face Emoji and other such things to control your life and determine the state of your mind as well as social status. There’s more to life than Snapchat. Well, sometimes.