What is a snap streak on Snapchat

snap streakSnapchat is the social media platform of this generation. While Facebook and Twitter had already become passe among the millenial crowd (i.e. anyone under the age of 24), Snapchat came along and snapped its way to the hearts of young people everywhere. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s fast- traits that the attention-addled youth of this era really love. Snapchat might have had quite an infamous reputation as a sexting tool during its early days, but it emerged as a respectable social networking platform as time went on.

Snapchat’s formula of letting users share pictures and other content (e.g. videos, text, and drawings) within a limited timeframe has been tried and tested to be a hit. But the changes that were implemented to the app last April sent the most avid of Snapchat users into a frenzy. For one, Snapchat axed the Best Friends feature, which displays the top three of your friends that you’ve been on a “Snapstreak” with to the rest of your contacts. In lieu of the Best Friends list, your friends are now just marked with a particular emoji that indicates the level of Snapchat activity between you two. But we need to answer first a question that people who are not familiar to the platform might have: What is a snap streak on Snapchat ?

* A snapstreak is exactly what its name suggests. You and a friend have been on a streak sending Snaps for some time now. * The streak is usually counted in days. As long as you and your friend keep sending each other snaps everyday, your streak continues to burn on.

* A flame icon indicates a friend that you’ve been on a Snapstreak with (this was among the changes that was implemented to the app last April). Located next to the icon is the number of days that you’ve been on a streak. Along with the flame icon, there are also a number of emoji that shows your “friendship level” with your Snapchat contacts.

For example, a Gold Heart indicates that you and a friend are #1 Best Friends (i.e. you send the most snaps to that person and vice versa), a Grinning Smiley indicates that you and a person have a mutual #1 Best Friend, a Smile indicates that a person is among your list of Best Friends (but is not in the top spot), a Smiley with sunglasses indicates that you have mutual best friends with a contact, and a Smirking Smiley means that your a person’s best friend but they’re not yours.

It’s important to note that these icons are all private. It’s only you that’ll be able to see them- in direct contrast to the past public Best Friends list (which actually caused a lot of problems especially with girlfriends finding out that they’re not on the number one spot on their boyfriends’ Best Friends list). Are these emojis a change for the better? Well, it seems like it. There’s been no major complaints from the Snapchat community as of this writing. As long as Snapchatters can keep on snapping, they’re pretty happy.