Snapchat 403 ErrorReceiving a “403 Error” when trying to use Snapchat, or when trying to log in, can be annoying, especially when you want to use the app. However, this type of error is commonplace and can be found when trying to access a number of different websites and apps. The good news however is that the 403 Error can easily be fixed, and with the right know-how, you soon will be sending and receiving Snaps again. This article outlines how to fix the Snapchat 403 error.

What is the Snapchat 403 Forbidden Error?

A 403 Forbidden error message could be seen on your device as an “Error 403”, “HTTP 403”, “403 Forbidden”, “Error 403- Forbidden”, or “HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden”. The website you are using sometimes customizes these messages but they usually mean the same thing. You may have experienced the 403 Error when trying to log into Snapchat, or when using the app, either on your iOS device, such as your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, or on your Android device. The error code means that accessing the app is forbidden for some reason, meaning that you will not be able to use Snapchat until the problem is fixed.

How to fix Snapchat 403 error

If you have received the 403 Error when trying to log into Snapchat from your iOS or Android device, there are a number of different ways you can fix the problem. You could try to clear your browser’s cache, which could be the root cause of the 403 Forbidden Error problems. If you are using an iOS device, click on the home button which will take you to the SpringBoard on your device. Click on Settings, and then scroll down to Safari, which is the default web browser on iOS devices.

Click on Clear Cookies and Data, wait a few seconds for your device to update, and then click on the home button again. Swipe through to the screen where the Snapchat app is installed, and then try logging into the app again. You might also want to check that you actually have cookies enabled on your device. To check this, click on the home button, click on Settings and then scroll down to Safari. Click on Accept Cookies, and then see what is listed in this menu. Make sure the Accept Cookies From Visited option is ticked.

Other ways to fix the Snapchat 403 error

If you have followed these steps, and are still unable to use Snapchat, it could be a problem with the app itself. Wait a little while and try and use the app again at a later date. It might be a problem on behalf of Snapchat, and they could be trying to fix the issue. Revisit the app on a regular basis until you are able to log in. You might also want to contact Snapchat directly if you are continuing to have problems when using the service.

The company can be contacted by email, or by contacting a company representative on one of their social networking pages, such as their Twitter or Facebook account. Alternatively, contact your ISP and see if there is a problem with devices in your household being unable to connect to Snapchat.