What does “clear browser data” on Snapchat mean?

snapchat clear browser dataSnapchat is a neat little app that allows you to “snap”, or initiate a conversation with friends or anyone in the world via text, images or video. It’s great for meeting new people, sharing pictures and generally having a good time. But sometimes we need to clear up the conversations and the pictures that we send online and in the Snapchat app. What does “clear browser data” on Snapchat mean, and how can you delete sensitive and private Snapchat messages and clear your Snapchat conversation history?

Step 1.

The “clear browser data” on Snapchat means that everything that has been stored in your phone or tablet will be deleted. It is like when you delete your browser history from your favorite web browser- it cleans up and leaves no data for anyone to see. Snapchat is unique in a way that your “snap”, or the messages, photos and video that you send has an “expiration date”, or a set time before Snapchat automatically deletes it from your device. Should you need to erase a particular message in a hurry, there is a way how- simply follow the next step’s instructions.

Step 2.

If you want to erase the browser data, or the conversation history that you have stored on your phone permanently, then do this: go to your Snapchat app and open it. You will see a tiny Snapchat icon (the ghost) in the middle of your device’s screen, somewhere around the top. Tapping the ghost icon will take you to your Snapchat profile, where you can see your icon, your Snapchat account name and score. There will be a gear icon on the top left, which will take you to the settings page. Tap on it to continue.

Step 3.

When you get to the settings, scroll down until you see “Account Actions”. Find the option to “Clear Conversations” on the submenu screen. You will be taken to another screen where you can see all your conversations and the messages you have sent. The user names will be on the left side, and there will be an “X” icon on the right of all the user names.

Step 4.

You have an option to either clear or delete one conversation, or delete all of them. To delete one message, you just need to locate the user name of the person you want to delete the message, then tap on the “X” icon. You will see a confirmation message “are you sure you want to delete this conversation?”, then click on OK to erase it. You don’t have to tap on all the “X” icons to clear everything- you simply need to tap on the “Clear All” option, located at the top right of your device’s screen, to erase all messages. Please note that doing this will not erase any message that you have manually saved, and it will not clear the messages on the on the other device’s end.

Step 5.

If you wish to delete a saved Snapchat message, all you need to do is go to the saved message or conversation. The saved message will appear in gray and will have a different font, which indicates that it was saved. Simply tap on the saved message and it will turn back to white and have a white background. Follow Steps 2 to 4 in order to manually delete the message from your device.