How to Fix Snapchat is Crashing?

SnapchatSnapchat Crash is an interesting photo sharing smartphone app that allows you to send picture and video messages with a timer limit set on them. Once the recipient has seen the message, the picture or the video gets deleted immediately after the timer runs out. The timer can range from blink-and-a-miss 1 second to a more relaxed 10 seconds limit.

Due to the strong privacy provided by the app, it is a big hit with the younger crowd. Teenagers and couples are more prone to use Snapchat for private messaging, and the app makes sure that their messages stay private. However, it is inevitable that some users may face a few niggling issues with the app. This is common with all apps on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Currently, the app runs on both Android and iOS devices. One of the most common issues with Snapchat is crashing of the app whenever you try to run it, or try to do something in it. If you are wondering how to fix Snapchat is crashing, then the below instructions might help you out.

Basic Troubleshooting

The first step in fixing the crash is to follow the basic troubleshooting steps given in the Snapchat manual. There are four different steps to consider: restart, reset, restore from backup and restore as new. Follow all the steps one-by-one and see whether the crashing stops. However, if Snapchat shows no signs of improving, then you need to move on to the next step.

Delete Snapchat and Reinstall the App

One of the common ways to fix a crashing app is to delete the app from your phone’s app library, and then reinstall it. Usually, some of the app’s files get corrupted over a period of time, and this causes the app to crash. Deleting the app and reinstalling it will repair all the corrupted files and bring back your app to its previous working condition. However, take precaution and backup all your contacts and files before deleting the app.

Update the App/Operating System

If your phone’s operating system underwent a recent update, or the app was updated by the developers to reflect changes in their service, then it is recommended that you update both your operating system and the app to bring it to the latest version. Most developers only release an update after testing it thoroughly with the latest version of the operating system. Your Snapchat client should stop crashing if it is updated to the newest version.

Conflict with Other Apps

Sometimes, the app can conflict with other third-party apps and crash. A few of the apps that are known to crash Snapchat are Phantom, Flex and PicSaver. Using screenshot functionality on your phone while viewing your messages can also cause Snapchat to crash. Test the app by removing unnecessary applications once again to make sure that they’re not the cause. By guess and check you can eliminate the conflicting third-party apps one-by-one and hone on the real culprit. If you are not able to fix the crashing problem even after following all the steps laid down above, then the only course of action left is to contact Snapchat technical support on their official website.