What is a Snapchat Crush?

Snapchat Crush

Snapchat CrushThere are now many users who are getting random messages from their “Snapchat crush” While Snapchat has made some odd and curious features and titles lately, this isn’t a title that Snapchat officially uses or acknowledges, unlike friends or best friends. While this can sometimes be a cute title for your boyfriend or girlfriend, the truth is that Snapchat crushes are often problematic for various reasons.

The setup and problem getting an image or message from your random Snapchat crush may not seem harmful at first, but the truth is that this can be devastating to your wallet, smartphone or even your identity if you aren’t careful. Here’s how the scenario works. A random person, usually a hacker or opportunistic scammer, will send you a message and say that it’s from your crush. However, you probably won’t recognize the account name because you’ve never talked to this person before.

Most of these messages will have a link in them. They might say something like, “talk to your crush by clicking the link” or “I have something to show you, just click the link.” The link will often be cloaked so that you don’t know what’s on the other side, and that’s the real danger. Clicking the link may bring you to an ad-infested website so that the scammer can make money. It might also bring you to a website full of viruses that will infect your device. You may also be asked to insert your name, number and other personal information to see more pictures or get more information, which can lead to identity theft. If you receive one of these messages from a friend, then it might be a good idea to verify it with him or her.

Some people feel more comfortable exposing their feelings through Snapchat, which is perfectly acceptable. However, there’s a sinister side to this. A hacker might have hijacked your friend’s account to send the message. This happens frequently with regular email accounts and social media pages. You might click a link that you think is from your friend, when it’s really from a hacker or scammer. The solution fixing this problem is simple if you’re cautious. First of all, be aware of the problem. The reason why this scam works is because people are too willing to click on suspicious links. If you don’t know who the person is, then don’t click the link. Even if it’s from a friend, it’s best to verify that he or she really sent it due to the popularity of this scam.

This scam will never work if you don’t click the embedded links, but the messages can become annoying. If you are receiving numerous crush messages and you want them to stop, then you can block the account. Click the account name, select the gear icon and click “Block.” You won’t receive any messages from that account unless you decide to unlock the sender. Conclusion while some people say that they have Snapchat crushes, this more commonly refers to a rampant scam that hackers and scammers use to get money, steal your identity or install viruses on your device. You can stop this problem by ignoring the messages, never clicking the associated links and blocking the sender if the messages become too annoying.