How to fix “Oh no! Your login temporarily failed so please try again later” Snapchat error.

Snapchat errorSnapchat users on Android may sometimes face an error message that prevents them from logging into their account: “Oh no! Your login temporarily failed so please try again later” This message may be a result of several issues. According to the Snapchat support team, one of the major reasons for a failed login is a change in the linked Google Account password from another device.

There are several ways to solve the issue once and for all, and get back to using the app again.  How to fix “Oh no! Your login temporarily failed so please try again later” Snapchat error

Step 1: Make sure your Snapchat app is the official version available on the Google Play store.

The first thing you can do is to uninstall the app and reinstall the latest version from the Google Play store. Some Snapchat users on Android have continued to face the problem even after a reinstall. In that case, you can try to download an earlier APK (before the latest version and find out if that works.

Step 2: Check that your system date is correct on your device

Android phones typically pull the correct date and time from the Internet, but sometimes a problem with the signal or other issues can lead to incorrect system dates. This can lead to the error in Snapchat login. If the system date is incorrect, you can manually change it from your Settings menu. Go to the Settings menu on your Android device, and click on the “Date & Time” option.

Open the menu, and click on the “Automatic” option to deactivate automatic setting of the date and time updates. You can now manually set a new date by selecting the “Set Date” option. This will take you to a new screen where you rotate the Year, Month and Date controls to set a new date. Click OK and you are done. Try logging back into your Snapchat account to see if the problem is solved. If there is no resolution, you may have a problem with your linked Google account.

Step 3: Make sure your Google account is linked to your device

If you don’t have a Google account on your device, go ahead and add one, or create a new one. In order to link your device to an existing Google account, open the Settings menu and go to Accounts. Tap on the Add Account option, and tap on Google in the next menu. If you have an existing account, select Existing and follow the steps onscreen to add your Google account.

Step 4: Check if the Google Account on your Android device is valid.

If you have a Google account but are still experiencing the error message, check to see whether the account is valid. Go to the Settings menu of your phone, select Accounts and tap on the Google option. If your account is not valid, you will see a ‘Sync Error’ message against the option. This may have been caused by a change in your account password made from another device. If you made the change yourself, you can manually sync your account.

If hacking was involved, change your Google account password and verify that your email address and phone number are correct in the Snapchat settings. If these solutions don’t work, there may be an error with the Snapchat server. Inform Snapchat support and wait for the problem to be resolved.