How To Fix If Snapchat Front Camera Is Not Working

Snapchat Front Camera Is Not WorkingHaving problems taking pictures with your Smartphone? Do you only get a black screen when you use Snapchat front camera to take a picture? Normally when the Snapchat front camera is not working, the problems happen with your phone camera. Many people get this problem and want to know how to fix it, but unfortunately, there’re no 100 percent methods to fix this problem because there’re a lot of causes that can leading to this problem such as hardware problems and software problems. Here you will find the possible causes and the solutions on how to fix if Snapchat front camera is not working and get your Smartphone camera to start working properly again.

Reset your phone

Simply turn your phone off for 10 seconds and then turn it back on and check your camera. This soft reset can fix minor software related issues. If you haven’t already done this, try it.

Battery pull

Pull out the battery of your phone when it is powered on for 10 seconds. This method is another type of soft reset and will cause no loss of any data. If your phone has a removable battery option, this method may help you fix the camera problem. But if your phone’s battery is not able to be removed, then you can pass this method and go check another solution with your phone applications.

Remove all third party camera apps

Just uninstall all camera applications that you have downloaded to your phone. Installation of third party camera apps can be the cause of the problem because your phone might have received an update for its software while the apps developer might not have updated their apps yet.

Uninstall other applications

If you have removed all third party camera applications but your phone front camera still doesn’t work, then you may try to think about the apps that you have downloaded or updated around the time that this issue started to occur and uninstall it. A bad app can be a villain that stops your phone to function properly and causes a lot of problems. Once you have uninstalled all the apps, reset your phone by turning it off, counting for 10, and then turn it on. You can remove the battery if your phone allows it to make sure that your phone has been reset.

Hard reset

If you’ve cleaned up all of your applications and your phone is still showing a black screen, then you have to use a harder way and this is the ultimate way to fix the camera issue. All you need to do is perform a full backup on your phone, saving all of your important information to anywhere else, and start formatting. To format your phone, find function “delete all user data” or something like this on your phone, run it and start erasing all of your data. If it’s a software bug, virus or glitch, then formatting your phone should fix the issue.

Hardware issue

After you’ve done all of the above methods but your camera is still not working, then the causes might be hardware malfunction; for example, your actual camera is malfunctioning. As we come to this, you can try to repair your phone by yourself. But if you’re not confident in your own abilities to repair it, taking it to a local repair shop and having someone else repaired it may be a better choice. Simply do a search online and find a local repair shop. It might be a little expensive but it will not cost you as much as repairing your broken phone. Repairing phone by yourself can cause damage to your phone devices; hence, paying more. Just leave it to professionals and get your phone back in a perfect condition.