How to create a Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat geofilterWith snapchat geofilter, you can be able to make your snaps more real hence your friends can know exactly where you are. They are location based graphics that helps in spicing up your photos. In the changing technology of snaps a users can create and submit their own designs to snap chat. Adobe illustrator and photoshop helps users in creating their filters. On the other hand, geofilters are just like the normal filters anyone can make one.

How to Make Geofilters

There are a few steps followed on how to create geofilters.There are two types of demand filters that are offered by snapchat, a personal and business geofilters. Each type has its own way or the steps that are followed in coming up with one. When making a business geofilter, you must have the necessary notifications, rights and any required permission to include the business logo or even the name of the business.

A personal geofilter is simple to make as it does not promote any business also it does not require any branding as there are no names or logo of any business that needs to be included. In addition, filters do not give personal details, this include even the name, phone numbers or even email address, this is for security purposes of individuals. The size of each geofilter determines its cost. Hence each should be between 20 thousand and five million square feet.

Step One: Design your Filter.

Designing your filter is very important hence it should be the first thing you do. In addition to that, there are available websites that helps with guidelines on how to design your filter. It is important o make sure that your filter has a transparent background and it must be 1080 by 1920 pixels.

It should also be 300kb in size hence not too large. Snap chat has also given conditions that you only use the top or the bottom of the screen so that the people who are going to use it should be able to see the original photo behind. The filter should also be tested with other images to make sure it is clear and can fit in any snap.

Step Two: Upload your Filter.

The snap chat has a site where you upload your filter. Hence, after completing your design go to the site and login then upload your filter in the self serve tool.

Step Three: Select your Target Area

Put in the address or the location you are targeting and then draw a fence around it using the tool there. The fence can have any shape as long as it doesn’t exceed 5 million square feet.

Step Four: Finalizing

Here you have to name your filter and you have to give it a unique name so you can tell the difference with other filters. Then check the time you have selected then choose business or personal. If its business, make sure the logo is there then submit.

Conclusion After submitting your filter, you cannot change issues like time and date so you have to cancel the filter and resubmit. Also, after you filter stop running it will show you how many people saw and used the filter.