What Does The Gold Star On Snapchat mean?

Snapchat Gold StarHas Snapchat recently got you confused with its new emoji? Or perhaps, you just figured it out when a mysterious gold star started appearing beside people’s name on your list? Well, if this new update is pulling your hair out, do not panic! Everyone else is also trying to figure it out. In fact, it is quite a part of Snapchat’s plan to keep snapchatters humming about their social network application.

Snapchat that has recently launched one of its most talked about updates, has escalated confusion among snapchatters regarding this new emoji. However, its meaning was hidden, making many wonder what it actually conveyed. But there seems to be a good reason behind this, and it also appears to be intentional. It may be a marketing strategy to garner more publicity, as curious and confused users are left with no option but to find out its meaning wherever they can.

So, wondering what does the gold star on Snapchat mean, and how to go about it? Fear not! Here is step by step guide to explain its actual meaning, and how to use the emoji!

1. The latest version provides the opportunity for snapchatters to replay a snap for a time period of 24 hours after its first viewing.

2. In other words, it simply means that one of your friend’s snaps was replayed by some other Snapchatter, or you within the last 24 hours.

3. When you view your friend list, and one of your friend’s has a gold star next to their name- it has nothing at all to do with you.

4. The emoji certainly does not mean; this friend of yours replayed your snaps, or you replayed your friend’s snaps, or they took a screenshot of your snaps. All it shows is, one or several of their friend’s replayed picture’s of their in the last 24 hours.

5. They use the Gold Star because they may have something really interesting to show. However, this does not invade the user’s privacy in an way.

6. Wondering how can you actually make use of this mysterious emoji? Well, follow this below mentioned step by step guide. It is quite easy and simple.

7. Just go to your Settings, which is a small gear icon situated on the top right in your Snapchat application.

8. Next, tap on the Additional Services on the same page of your application.

9. Then tap on the option “Replay”. Once the “Replay” option is enabled, all that you need to do is, simply hold down on any of the snap you wish to replay for a few seconds. It will then ask you if you wish to replay it, and you certainly can.

10. And, no one really knows how often you are replaying the snaps, so your secret is totally safe with Snapchat. In true fashion, Snapchat has not provided any kind of documentation detailing this new feature. The only provided request by Snapchat is to keep using it as much as possible. So, this quick guide certainly clarifies all your misconceptions about the new emoji, its meaning, and how to make use of it!