What does Snapchat icons green arrow means

Snapchat green arrowConversing with the use of smart devices such as iPhone has been gaining a better shape day after the other. Snapchat is perhaps one of the best applications that ever stormed the industry to offer a superb platform for users to chat and share instant photos and videos. The difference between this app and other chat applications is that with Snapchat, one gets to share instant photos and videos which will vanish within a short while. This ingenious capability which is intended to keep everything fresh has so far inspired positive reactions among many teens and young folks.

Snapchat however features several icons, and signs which may sometimes turn out to be confusing especially when one is still new to it. In this comprehensive write-up, we will feature the green Snapchat icon, explaining what it means and why it matters. The arrow appears right below someone’s username who have viewed your story. But what does Snapchat icons green arrow means?

Amazingly many people don’t know what it means and most people think that it is a symbol showing that one is online while others would argue that the user replied to their shared story. In case you have been seeing this often as you chat and just asking yourself what it is and what it means is that someone has taken a screenshot of your chat. When you share a photo or a video on Snapchat, one has different options which includes taking a screenshot.

You must have come across this option several times when you are using the application. Since the images and videos shared on the application will not take long, one has been given options to save them for their own future reference if they like the image. Sometimes it is good to know whether photos or videos we share really have an impact or mater to other people and this arrow can really help one to gauge whether a story they shared made an impact. The app simplifies this and lets you know when someone over the other end has taken a screenshot of an image or a video that you have shared.

If you haven’t been using the feature to your benefits then maybe it is time that you start making good use of it. Taking screenshots is very easy and one can do it just as they do with any other applications. The only difference here is that one has to be a little faster to avoid it vanishing. It should be an easy walk in the park for anyone who has taken screenshots before. However, if it is something that is totally new to you then here is a blurb on how to take

Snapchat screenshots. – Simply click and hold the power option button together with the home button. – Open the snapchat chat story that interests you. – Press and hold the Snapchat and wait for it to open. – Next, press the screenshot option and you are done. Final word To conclude, Snapchat’s green icon is meant to let you know that a story that you shared made an impact on someone. Understanding your application in and out is crucial as it gives you total control and improves your experience while using the application.