How to use Snapchat on Mac

Snapchat on MacEver since Snapchat was released, smartphone users not only loved the app, but they also wanted it to become available on other devices. And while there isn’t an official version of it for Mac, there is an app called Snapped that was released in January 2014 in beta version. And because it’s not an official app, it does not work exactly like the main app and it does have certain limitations and restrictions. So let’s take a look at some instructions that will teach you how to use Snapchat on a Mac.

Installation and Connecting to Snapchat Client

For starters, you can download the app from the developer’s website ( or directly from the Mac App Store. After it’s installed, you will need to log into your Snapchat by putting in your username and password. Thereafter you will be prompted to set the time limit for your snap. Then select your recipients and voila, you’re all set to go.

How Snapped App Works

So let’s see how to use Snapchat on a Mac with the help of Snapped. With its default settings, this app will take photos using your Mac’s front camera. But you can also choose to send pictures from your hard drive. You can access your friends list, inbox and sent messages. You can also send new messages. The user interface is the same as on your phone, so you won’t have any trouble using it.

Differences and Similarities Between Snapped and Snapchat

Basically, Snapped works pretty much the same as Snapchat. You can take new snaps and send them to people you have in your friend list. Moreover, you can read snaps sent to you by friends. But as opposed to Snapchat, Snapped permits you to re-view snaps over and over again. However, there is still the time limit set by the sender. And when that time runs out, you can click it for another ten seconds before it is completely gone.

A cool feature is that Snapped allows you to have snaps marked as not read even though you’ve already seen them. This way you can continuously view a person’s photo again and again and they won’t even know you’ve seen it. On the other hand, you can automatically mark your own snaps as read. So if you send out a snap and have second thoughts about it, you can immediately delete it without your friend even seeing it.

Why Use It On My Desktop?

You might be wondering why people want to know how to use Snapchat on a Mac. Well, using this app on your desktop might be one of the best things because of many reasons. For example, you might be in the middle of a conversation and you run out of battery. Instead of putting the talk on hold, you can move to your desktop. Also, you will be able to type a lot faster than you do on your smartphone. This means that you can actually save time or have multiple conversations without your friends even suspecting it. And last but not least, you might have some old funny photos laying around on your hard drive that you might feel like sharing some time.